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September 1 · Issue #22 · View online

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Hello Readers
We have revamped the newsletter to come out monthly with more content to help you in whatever part of the musical theatre world you participate in, be it as a creator, a producer, or artistic director.
If you want to discover a new musical, we have the Sampler Platter listings for this month.
Plus a whole host of websites to check out that are wanting to work with you on helping your shows/productions succeed.
I look forward to seeing what you all create and produce now that we are slowly moving forward with a return to live theatre and the emergence of virtual theatre.
Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Table of Contents
Sampler Platter - September
CPAD Networking - September Event
Musical Theatre Resources
Tips & Tricks
Sampler Platter - September
This month we will be playing ‘The Best of the Sampler Platter’ as we are reworking the programs in order to play as many new musicals as we can and update our social media posts about the shows. Starting Septebmer 1st The Sampler Platter will now play 7 days a week at 7am & 7pm ET on the station. The more time we allocate to new musicals the better the chance someone may discover them. In October we will be back to playing the specific programs once again.
To learn more about any of the new musicals we support, check out the Sampler Platter Page on our website.
CPAD Networking - September Event
Meeting people at a networking event is a great opportunity to strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas, raise your profile and develop long-lasting personal relationships. You never know who the person you just met might know.
CPAD Networking (Creators of musicals, Producers & Artistic Directors) was created to give like minded people in the industry a chance to meet, share tips & tricks and experiences in order to foster a stronger musical theatre community around the world. It is an opportunity to bounce ideas off people who have already been in your position or are going through it right now.
We hold two sessions on the day (September 22nd, 2021) of the event (9-11am ET and 5-7pm ET) in order for us to truly have global participation hosted in the Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre.
Musical Theatre Resources
Listed below are companies that might be great resources. Each one of these resources has been vetted by us and we have either met with the people who created the companies or know people who work for them. Companies are listed in alphabetical order.
35th Parellel Productions - Founded by Laurie Glodowski and Patti Maurer, 35 Parellel is a production company with a number of Broadway musicals under their belts including: Come From Away, Hadestown, The Band’s Visit as well as new works: Clicquot, Marie and My Pet Dragon. - is committed to creating access for musical theatre performers and teachers trying to find and purchase under-sung contemporary songs. We strive to grow our business by celebrating writers of all intersections of identity and experience, making sure they solely benefit from the sales of their songs. As the largest database of contemporary writers and songs, subscribers gain access to hundreds of songs - searchable by voice and song type - which they can then listen to, purchase, and download. All writers receive 100% of their song sales — we are the only company to do this.
Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre - Founded by Laurie Glodowski and Jean-Paul Yovanoff, the Jill Edmund VT was created as a way to not only keep theatre alive during the pandemic but to keep as much of the live theatrical experience as possible. Enjoy moving from table to virtual table, talking to friends and meeting new people in a lobby like atmosphire. Then the lights go down and the curtain goes up and there is the virtual stage where actors can make their entrences and exits as needed. Or sit back and watch a video of a pre recorded performance. And when the show is done, back to the lobby where you can meet the actors or hang out with your friends, just like in real life. Contact for more information.
Maestra - Founded by Georgia Stitt, Maestra was created to give support, visibility, and community to the women who make the music in the musical theater industry. The membership is made up of women and non-binary composers, music directors, orchestrators, arrangers, copyists, rehearsal pianists and other musicians who are an underrepresented minority in musical theater. The organization’s initiatives include monthly educational seminars, mentorship programs, technical skills workshops, networking events, and online resources and partnerships. 
NAMT - The National Alliance for Musical Theatre is a not-for-profit organization serving the musical theatre community. Their 155 organizational members and 60 individual members, located throughout 33 states and abroad, are some of the leading producers of musical theatre in the world. They include theatres, presenting organizations, higher education programs and individual producers.
Thornhill Theatre Space - Ryan Thornhill created New Musical Monday, where he features a new musical on his social media pages. He has featured a number of the Sampler Platter shows on this program.
Uproar Theatrics - Uproar Theatrics is a new theatrical licensing company offering cutting-edge shows and all-digital materials. They are on a mission to open up the theatrical pipeline to bring thrilling, fresh theatre to the people - all the people. Not just the ones in New York City. Uproar Theatrics is not a publisher, only licenses the shows, and only offer digital files. No more erasing librettos and mailing them back. They specialize in shows that have casts aged 15-30’s.
If you know of any other great resources that should be added to this list, please let us know.
Tips & Tricks
Social media is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make contacts and connections. Here are a few tips and tricks we use at MTR:
  • Have a Social Media Presence - This is the simplest one to do. It’s free so why not take advantage of it
  • Choose one or two platforms - You could easily have 5 to 10 different platforms to work on. Just choose a couple that you are comfortable with. Twitter is more text based. Instagram is more visual. Tik Tok is… what it is. Keep it as simple as you want it to be.
  • Quality over Quantity - Having lots of followers means nothing if they don’t have anything to do with musical theatre. Follow only people in the industry. It’s better to have a tight 4000 than a random 10,000 followers.
  • Interact with People - How can you meet anyone if you don’t talk to anyone? Be pro-active. Like they postings. Comment on them. It’s like cold calling but way easier.
  • Follow the Regular People - Unless you actually know the person you are following who has 1M followers, you will probably not get any response from them if you like or comment on a post of theirs, but the person with 2500 followers will be much more receptive to you reaching out to them. They could be as good or even a better contact than the famous person.
As you all know the best way to succeed is to surround yourself with quality people and though I do know lots of things ( though according to my lady friend, sometimes I know nothing at all) each of you can bring something to the table that I can not. So if you would like to add something to future newsletters, please reach out. If you know something about contracts, or optioning books or any number of things, I’d love to include it here.
Until next month, be safe and try not to whistle backstage.
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