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September 1 · Issue #34 · View online

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Hello Readers
I hope you all had a great summer and are all prepared for the fall. Not that seasons mean that much when you are a musical theatre fan. Except maybe the seasons of love…yup I went there, and I apologize profusely, and I would not blame you if you stopped reading right now and deleted all of your browser history. There is no place for cheap dad jokes in musical theatre.
If you are still here and reading, there is lots of great new albums added to the station, great interviews as well as some exciting news about CPAD and myself.
Thanks again for sticking around (unless that dad joke offended you that much) and I’ll see you in October.
Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Table of Contents
Sampler Platter - September
MTR Programming for September
CPAD Networking - SeptemberEvent
New Albums on MTR
Musical Theatre Resources
Support Musical Theatre Radio
Sampler Platter - September
Click picture above to see September Calendar
Click picture above to see September Calendar
To learn more about any of the new musicals we support, check out the Sampler Platter Page on our website.
MTR Programing for September*
September 3 - Be Our Guest - Wade Collum
September 5- Follow Spot - My Marcello
September 10 - Be Our Guest - Chunhwi Park
September 12- Follow Spot - My Pet Dragon
September 17 - Be Our Guest - Stuart Brayson
September 19- Follow Spot - Operation Fake Meat
September 24 - Be Our Guest - James Beeny and Gina Georgio
September 26- Follow Spot - Pandora Rocks
Be Our Guest - (speak with a guest about their love of MT) Saturday at Noon ET
Follow Spot - (featuring a new show from a NYU Tisch graduate) - Monday 8pm ET
*Subject to Change
CPAD Networking - September Event
In the last newsletter, I said we would be back in September, but that may not exactly be true. I am directing a new musical that is (I think, waiting for finalized date) going up in late November and auditions are in September as well as rehearsals. I don’t have exact dates and days that either of these things are happening so I don’t want to schedule a CPAD.
BUT, that being said, if you are in New York City on October 18th, I am going to be setting up a LIVE CPAD event at a bar or something somewhere. May rely more on my NYC friends to help figure this out but I would love to meet you all live and in person. I am there for a conference, so I figured that this would be the perfrect opportunity for us (who can) to finally meet.
I’ll have more details about the Live CPAD in the next newsletter, and once I have my rehearsal schedule set in stone, I will be able to set up a November CPAD as usual.
Looking forward to meeting people.
Why not have our very own simple MTR app that you can just put on your phone or tablet or wherever you want and play it from there. It’s just one more way to access all the great showtunes we play.
If you would like to be part of this easy Beta test, click on this link: MTR App
New Albums on MTR
Here are some of the albums we added this month that you can now hear on
  • So Long, 174th Street - Original Cast Recording
  • Hollie & the Under Creature - Demo Cast
  • Tell Tale Harbour - Original Cast Recording
  • Diana: The Musical - Original Broadway Cast
  • The Girl in Pink Tights - Original Broadway Cast
  • Folies Bergere - Original Broadway Cast
  • Nunsense - Original Off-Broadway Cast
  • Dear Evan Hansen - Movie Soundtrack
  • Tick Tick Boom - Movie Soundtrack
  • A Jolly Theatrical Season - Compilation
Musical Theatre Resources
To discover other great companies, click here for the MT Resources page on our website.
Support Musical Theatre Radio
As many of you know making money in musical theatre is never easy economically at the best of times and running a station dedicated to musical theatre is even harder. We would love your support via our Patreon page. Even something as simple as $1 a month would help offset the costs of running a station. To quote the Emcee, ‘Money makes the world go round’
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