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September 30 · Issue #23 · View online

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Hello Readers
I hope you are all safe and well wherever you are in the world and want to thank you for taking a bit of time out of your busy day to check out our little newsletter.
This month the Sampler Platter PROGRAM IS BACK!!! We took September off to revamp the program to triple the number of episodes per month from 20 to 60. On Twitter, we will be posting daily ‘Discover a Musical’ where we will have links to discover all of the great creators and their shows we support on the station.
There are a few new resources for you to check out that I’m sure could help you in some way as well as some tips and tricks when it comes to networking at events.
Musical Theatre Radio

Table of Contents
Sampler Platter - September
CPAD Networking - September Event
Musical Theatre Resources
Tips & Tricks
Sampler Platter - October
Click picture above to see October Calendar
Click picture above to see October Calendar
If you are new to listening to the Sampler Platter, then here are a few things to know:
The SP# on the calendar represents which episode it is.
The shows are listed in the order that they are played.
At the beginning of the month, we start where we ended last month in the episode order.
To learn more about all of the new musicals we support, check out the Sampler Platter Page on our website.
CPAD Networking - October Event
Meeting people at a networking event is a great opportunity to strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas, raise your profile and develop long-lasting personal relationships. You never know who the person you just met might know.
CPAD Networking (Creators of musicals, Producers & Artistic Directors) was created to give like minded people in the industry a chance to meet, share tips & tricks and experiences in order to foster a stronger musical theatre community around the world. It is an opportunity to bounce ideas off people who have already been in your position or are going through it right now.
What are people saying about the event:
“CPAD is an excellent and readily available resource for theatrical Directors, Producers, and Artists. The ideas are numerous and purposeful, the networking potential is huge, and the camaraderie is cheerful and uplifting. I wouldn’t miss any CPAD meeting!” - Laurie Glodowski (Producer 35th Parallel Productions)
“I recently attended a CPAD networking session and was blown away by the level of artistry I encountered there. Jean-Paul Yovanoff (event creator) is the quintessential host who is genuinely passionate about Musical Theatre and sincerely dedicated to promoting, connecting and supporting the artists who create it.” - Carl Danielsen (Creator of Musicals)
“The CPAD networking events have been a breath of fresh air during the difficult times we find ourselves in. It’s easy to forget that in an industry as seemingly competitive as musical theatre that behind all the glitz and glam are real human beings who want nothing more than to revel in the beauty of this great artform. Sharing stories and experiences with these folks who I now consider peers from across the world has truly inspired me, and I can’t recommend attending a CPAD event enough!” - Eric Elliot Lee (Creator of Musicals)
We hold two sessions on the day (October 26th, 2021) of the event (9-11am ET and 5-7pm ET) in order for us to truly have global participation hosted in the Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre.
For more info, and to register for the event, CLICK HERE
Musical Theatre Resources
Listed below are companies that might be great resources. Each one of these resources has been vetted by us and we have either met with the people who created the companies or know people who work for them. Companies are listed in alphabetical order. (Any new resources are listed first)
NEW Aimee Lococo-Sabura Chartered Professional Accountant - Aimee Lococo-Sarabura is a chartered professional accountant with a background in musical theatre performance, choreography and direction. Aimee fully understands the difficulties of being a performer at tax time. What can I write off? How do I file as a performer? She’s been in your (point) shoes before. (Based in Ontario, Canada)
NEW SimG Productions - SimG Productions is firmly committed to not only introducing new musical theatre and new writers to a British audience but also to nurturing and supporting the talent of rising theatre artists and writers (both British and American) - showcasing their work on stage (in the form of concerts, cabarets and plays) and on CD. The independent SimG Records label has established itself as the UK’s leading record label dedicated to supporting emerging artists and musical theatre songwriters.
NEW Underground Demos - We provide personalized service. Work one on one with a talented, trained musician who understands the musical writing process and will work with you to see your project from start to finish and bring your song to its full potential. A one-shop stop for custom demos that makes your job a little easier. Choose from our team of talented vocalists to record your songs. We help take your music from sheet music, basic recordings or chord charts to a fully mixed and mastered demo.
To learn what services each company offers, click here for the resources page on our website.
If you know of any other great resources that should be added to this list, please let us know.
Tips & Tricks
“No man is an island Jack
You could be tougher than a rock
One and one’s got to make contact
To get on the right track, yeah” - Club Paradise -Jimmy Cliff
I know those lyrics are not from a musical but truer words were never spoken when it comes to the business world. No matter how good we are (or think we are), we can’t do everything on our own and a great way to find people who can help you is via business networking.
We in the Musical Theatre community love the words ‘show business’ but I find many of us spend 90% of our time on the ‘show’ and not enough time on the ‘business side of our profession.
Jarrod Goldsmith from eSAX Networking has a number of blogs about the benefits of networking that every person in show business should adhere to if they are really wanting to fully succeed in our chosen profession.
And what better place to try out all of these skills than at the monthly CPAD Networking Event put on by Musical Theatre Radio.
If you want to learn more about networking check out
As you may or may not know, Musical Theatre Radio and everything attached to it (CPAD, Newsletter, Podcast, Radio Show Programing etc) is all done by one person. So, to help me and to help yourself, if you would like to contribute to the Tips & Tricks page, please let me know. If you have something you have learned in your travels that you think might help others, I’d love to share it in the newsletter. Or if you have a connection to resources that you think should be shared, I would love to share those as well.
Let’s keep working together and as the saying goes “A rising tide lifts all boats”
Jean-Paul Yovanoff
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