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Musical Theatre Radio -February 2022


Musical Theatre Radio

February 1 · Issue #27 · View online

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Hello Readers
How is 2022 treating you so far? Yes, we are only 31 days in but I know for myself and the company, we are having a great year so far, and I truly hope you all are as well.
We have lots of stuff for you in this issue. Lots of new additions to the MT Theatre Resources page, info about an upcoming virtual workshop, and as always info about CPAD and the Sampler Platter.
So if your year isn’t been so good so far, I hope something in this month’s issue can help set you in the right direction.
Jean-Paul Yovanoff

Table of Contents
Sampler Platter - February
MTR Programming for February
CPAD Networking - February Event
Musical Theatre Virtual Workshop
Musical Theatre Resources
Sampler Platter - February
Click picture above to see February Calendar
Click picture above to see February Calendar
To learn more about any of the new musicals we support, check out the Sampler Platter Page on our website.
MTR Programing for February
NEW SHOW on MTR - Fill Me In (Tuesday at 5pm ET) Conversations about the nuts and bolts of music and theatre from different perspectives, celebrating the diversity of the arts we enjoy and the different insights we take away. Hosted by Carl Danielsen & Kirk Lydell
Feb 5 - Be Our Guest with Rob Rokicki
Feb 12 - Be Our Guest with Darryl Reuben Hall
Feb 19 - Be Our Guest with Preston Max Allen
Feb 26 - Be Our Guest with David Armstrong
Be Our Guest - Saturday at Noon ET
*Subject to Change
Enjoy all of our podcasts here.
CPAD Networking - February Event
Meeting people at a networking event is a great opportunity to strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas, raise your profile and develop long-lasting personal relationships. You never know who the person you just met might know.
CPAD Networking (Creators of musicals, Producers & Artistic Directors) was created to give like minded people in the industry a chance to meet, share tips & tricks and experiences in order to foster a stronger musical theatre community around the world. It is an opportunity to bounce ideas off people who have already been in your position or are going through it right now.
We hold two sessions on the day (February 16th, 2022) of the event (9-11am ET and 5-7pm ET) in order for us to truly have global participation hosted in the Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre.
To register for the event click this link: CPAD February Edition
Musical Theatre Virtual Workshop
Stuart Brayson (From Here To Eternity, Pink Angora Sweater, Bess A Pop Musical) and Jean-Paul Yovanoff (Musical Theatre Radio, Jill Edmund Virtual Theatre) have decided to create an opportunity for people in the musical theatre industry, from around the world, to get together and learn, discover and network with other like minded people.
Broken into thirds, the event starts with a panel discussion with various members of the musical theatre industry. From producers to agents to choreographers to set and costume designers. We discuss various topics pertinent to our industry as well as take questions from the audience.
The second part is where we feature a couple of new musicals. Their creators are given an opportunity to introduce the panel and the audience to their show. You’ll get to hear a song or two as well as a synopsis and where they are in the process. The panel and audience can ask questions and learn more about these new musicals.
The third component is the opportunity to network with other people in the industry. Build new relationships, talk to the panel members or to the creators of the new musicals.
This is the premier event and are hoping to make it a monthly event.
It is pay-what-you-can to help off set the small costs the come with putting on an event like this.
Musical Theatre Resources
Listed below are companies that might be great resources. Each one of these resources has been vetted by us and we have either met with the people who created the companies or know people who work for them. Companies are listed in alphabetical order. (Any new resources are listed first)
  • NEW Filmed Live Musicals - This is the most comprehensive online searchable database ​for Filmed Live Musicals! To be included in the database, the musical must be: a stage musical, legally filmed with a live audience present, made available to the public.
  • NEW Consortium of American Streamed Theatre - We aim to make American theatre more accessible, affordable, and sustainable by creating a new industry standard for filmed theatre.
  • NEW New York Theatre Barn - An anti-racist non-profit theatre company that serves as a home for original culture shifting musicals during incubation. The company has been incubating new musicals in front of live audiences since 2007, and creates space for artists to dream about how extraordinary the world can be. Programs they feature include Ne Works Series and the Choreography Lab.
  • NEW MainStreet Musicals - Mainstreet Musicals Inc  (non-profit, tax-exempt) is a national consortium of theater professionals and their non-profit, commercial, and educational partners. Thanks to the generosity of professional directors and educators, MainStreet provides a valuable script evaluation service for writers and composers. Utilizing performance competitions, concert-readings, and (coming soon) radio-theater, MainStreet promotes development opportunities for original stage musicals throughout regional America.
 To discover other great companies, click here for the MT Resources page on our website.
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