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JAN 28 2022-California News and Black Media Network-Cali.FM - Issue #42

California News and Black Media Network
Hello Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! First off BLESS ALL OF YOU who responded with prayers and messages for my health. Prayers are being answered and I THANK YOU!
I’ve started to chronicle my journey on Video and on my Blog and am placing my 1st vlog in the Newsletter. Briefly I have an Autoimmune Disorder manifesting as Rheumatoid Disease, Lupus Profundus, & Dermatomyositis and more in the UCTD spectrum.
For the last 4 months I’ve been battling HIDEOUS RASHES (pics on IG), shortness of breath, pain, & inflammation along with bouts of EXTREME fatigue.
Unfortunately my life has completely changed and I am unable to continue to conduct business, program my station and do the audio work & promos any longer. Therefore I have closed Cali.FM. You can read the announcement here, also below.
I have shuttered my URBAN STARZ MEDIA & P.R business for now.
I’m just now able to do some things again so I wanted to restart the Newsletter as before. IT’S TOTALLY FREE EXPOSURE if you’d like to submit links just reply back.

Lashaun's News
My 2022 Painful Autoimmune Disease Journey Blog#1! Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Dermatomyositis UCTD
Cali FM Radio Goes OFF-AIR - Lashaun Turner
Omicron in California: UCSF doctors demand end to mask mandate for school children
Reparations are for descendants of Black slaves, says California official
California cannabis businesses fear state's legal industry could collapse
California lawmakers strike a deal to bring back COVID-19 paid sick leave | California |
California city approves 1st US insurance law for gun owners | AP News
Family of another Black woman found dead in Connecticut questions police response
Meet the moms of color from Texas fighting book bans at their kids' schools
Biden says he'll name a Black woman as Supreme Court pick by end of February
California schools speak out against student’s ‘racist comments’ during basketball game
The Final Tweets From Regina King's Late Son Are Absolutely Devastating
Folks Are Finally Admitting The Biden Administration Has A Black People Problem | by Marley K. | Age of Awareness | Jan, 2022 | Medium
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Lashaun Turner
Lashaun Turner

Lashaun is a NEWSBREAK JOURNALIST & Former KCAA(NBC/CNBC) Radio Host "Cali's Best" 2016-2020. Blaze Indie L.A TV Show 2014-2016. Sharing California News and Black Media Stories!

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