Feb 25-California News and Black Media Network - Issue #45





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California News and Black Media Network
Hello all. Have a Safe Weekend!

Don't let them get U down, by Aria Elan
Shout out to Brooke, she is a regular contributor to the newsletter!
Brooke S. Sinclair Chief Executive Officer, Velourit.com
Brooke S. Sinclair Chief Executive Officer, Velourit.com
Far-left prosecutor under fire over shocking jailhouse recordings
Newsom scales back some pandemic rules, but not California’s state of emergency | KTLA
California on track to clean up 1,000 encampments by year-end | California | thecentersquare.com
California refunds: You could receive $1,000 check thanks to state surplus
Howard University to digitize its archive of thousands of Black newspapers
Nine Black workers sued a Dallas company for discrimination. A jury agreed in a $70 million verdict
Many African American last names hold weight of Black history
Health Care Firms Were Pushed to Confront Racism. Now Some Are Investing in Black Startups. | Kaiser Health News
The Internet is Angry Kim Potter Only Sentenced to Two Years in Prison | by Voice of the Underground | The Hard Truth | Feb, 2022 | Medium
Students Protest After WS Students Spell The Word They Love Calling Us On Social Media Post
Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first Black woman to be nominated for the Supreme Court - POLITICO
Maryland Senate Pushes to Have Felons Sit on Jury
Texas Voting Rights Activist Shares Issues With New Restrictive Laws
America's Distribution of Wealth (1955)
‘We have a much deeper understanding of what we are confronting’
Black Man Creates First Virtual Reality Charter School
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Lashaun Turner
Lashaun Turner

Lashaun is a NEWSBREAK JOURNALIST & Former KCAA(NBC/CNBC) Radio Host "Cali's Best" 2016-2020. Blaze Indie L.A TV Show 2014-2016. Sharing California News and Black Media Stories!

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