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Rapper 'Fetty Wap' facing life in prison for conspiracy to distribute drugs | Lashaun Turner | NewsBreak Original
Ahmaud Arbery: Nearly all-white jury chosen in black jogger murder trial - BBC News
Officers shot a Black man 59 times. Convicting a federal agent won’t be easy.
Young Black Lives Matter activist ousts incumbent on Des Moines City Council
From Dinkins to Adams: What progressives see in New York’s 2nd Black mayor
Black Tech Founder Scores $120,000 to Write Books | by Brooke S. Sinclair | Adventures of a Black Tech Startup | Sep, 2021 | Medium
After 196 years, college grants tenure to a Black professor - ABC News
Joe Biden Finally Signs Executive Order For Black Americans.... Kind Of
Why Normalizing Mental Health In The Black Community Is More Important Than Ever
'Reparations for Our Black Community' debate
Examining Police Culture and Holding Bad Cops Accountable
U.S. Congress Officially Declares November as National Hip Hop History Month
California school officials alert parents to sale of addictive new drug: reports | Fox News
California schools: Get Covid shots or go back to distance learning - POLITICO
Supreme Court appears to suggest right to guns at home extends to carrying them in public too
Black Americans Moving Out the US and Relocating to Africa
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Lashaun Turner
Lashaun Turner

Lashaun is a NEWSBREAK JOURNALIST & Former KCAA(NBC/CNBC) Radio Host "Cali's Best" 2016-2020. Blaze Indie L.A TV Show 2014-2016. Sharing California News and Black Media Stories!

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