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Monthly (or so) update about all that matters

Monthly (or so) update about all that matters

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Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #13

Originally named 'Rise and shine', we decided to refer to the fabric this rugged rucksack is made of. X50 is a nylon blend that's extremely resistant to abrasion. It's reinforced with polyester and has a strong water-repellant film laminated to the back, maki…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #12

We dreamt of floating on a lake while being ignored by the birds. Sliding on the stream with a camera in front, taking pictures without being noticed. So we worked on a new floating platform for more than a year. Very happy to announce it will be available fo…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #11

All Mursu pre-orders will be free of shipping costs until 20 February. Delivery of the first tents will be at the end of March.


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #10

We made the original Wetland Hide for one goal: to have a portable tent that can be used from autumn until spring when the mating season (‘lekking season’) of the grouse starts. Because the ‘leks’ are in the middle of the frozen wetlands, putting up a tent is…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #9

As we prepare for 2022, we look back at a very intense 2021. Luckily, it wasn’t only a year of challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. We also found time to develop new products and improve the existing gear where we could. And as our trips abroad were repe…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #8

That's how you pronounce 'Chiaro Scuro', the title of a book about the world of light-dark contrast photography. While this is mainly the field of painters, our long-time ambassador Marco Ronconi found it to be his 'signature' photography and discovers chiaro…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #7

While the northern countries are hoping for fewer midges and mosquito's dancing in front of the lens (to keep them from biting your neck, check out our Taiga Hat ), bird migration is starting. It's a perfect opportunity to get out and escape all the Covid-ind…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #6

Looking forward is a thing we all love to do. Everybody has a shortlist of "things to achieve as soon as I find the time". Looking forward as a company is sometimes no different, with too little time and too much paperwork as the main obstacles to realizing s…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #5

It's been quite some time since we dropped you a newsletter. We've had all hands on deck to clear some challenges in our line of manufacturing and get our most popular items back in stock. As you might know, we produce almost everything ourselves. But for the…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #4

The trees that I see from my kitchen window are developing leaves at incredible speed. It surprises me every year; the pace as well as the intense green colour. It makes me want to leave the desk and go out to enjoy the warmth of the early evening sun.As I wr…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #3

No matter how much we wish the pandemic were over, in most European countries the battle with the virus continues. We have to stay within our country borders and rely on domestic trips to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors. Many people find it a revelation …


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #2

As you may have noticed, we are fully awake now. A cup of freshly brewed coffee always helps. And as you may have missed - because we didn't mention it that much - we have a fine and thoroughly tested product range of coffee brewing equipment. No large espres…


Friends of MrJanGear - Issue #1

As you know, we are a small company, communicating primarily through email and the occasional social post. But we get lots of questions about our new products, and are always debating new ideas. So we decided a newsletter is the perfect medium to keep in touc…