Paid subscribers get... complete graciousness and attention. (Kidding, I don't have time for that.)

No - what you'll get is the same thing that free subscribers do regarding the most pressing news in the realm of global (human) security, 'cyber'/information security, and climate change, with a specific focus on the ever-changing world of global supply chains. If you'd like to (financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually) assist me in doing that, then great. If I truly get a few people to do so, maybe I'll send out some special editions.

My plan (originally) was to charge for this newsletter, but here's the thing: I'm no expert (I'm really trying to sell you here, obviously) - in fact, I learn something new everyday, and I love to have my views challenged. I'm no arbitrator of truth, of what is 'interesting', nothing - I simply read a lot, and I like to share my thoughts. I'm not forcing you to listen.

I'm aiming for a weekly roundup of news and some of my thoughts, paid or free. There might be the odd time where I send out an extra one, but for now, once weekly is enough. Enjoy.

That's what I hope to do for you: open your mind to possibilities in the 'new normal' of technological surveillance, security, and ever-increasing climate disasters.

Ground rules:

  • I'm going to try and be nice - however, I'll probably be using (some) profanity.
  • One of my biggest quirks as a 'writer' (lol @ the blogs I've had over the years) is that I tend to write long-form, unnecessarily fluffy pieces of shit (profanity, oops). My goal is to keep every 'roundup' that I do at around 1000 words or less, not including any link spots. I don't want you reading for 30 minutes to get the point, nor should you have to.
  • Yes, this newsletter is going to be North American focused, but as someone that loves to think about (and visit) different places and people, I'll try to bring in different perspectives when I can.
  • Also, yes, deep down, this newsletter is a sounding board for me to share fascinating stories (journalism), podcasts, and books with everyone that wants to listen. There will be some (short) rants, but mostly... questions.

I think that's it for now. Thanks for subscribing (you should)!

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