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Motive Insights - An Interview with Rob Heyvaert (Founder & Managing Partner) & Andrew Tarver (Founding Partner & Head of Motive Create)

February 6 · Issue #291 · View online
Motive Insights
This week Motive Partners unveiled the new Motive Create brand identity, launched in the wake of Motive’s acquisition of Jigsaw XYZ in 2021. Motive Create is the innovation and value creation engine within Motive Partners, and Rob Heyvaert (Founder & Managing Partner) and Andrew Tarver (Founding Partner & Head of Motive Create) caught up on the topic.
Rob Heyvaert: Welcome to a celebration of a special moment for Motive Partners. A celebration of innovation, ambition and appreciation. Something that we here at Motive Partners strive to as we seek to provide exceptional transformative capital and service. It’s the kind of thing we welcome with open arms.
Andrew Tarver: For over five years, Jigsaw XYZ was offering empowering, often critical financial solutions through the use of our technology. By using data solutions and daily applications, we’ve helped consumers and businesses live better lives by reducing the stresses that plague everyday life. But innovation is not for the faint hearted, and we’ve had to build our collective credibility in this space over a long period of time together, Rob.
Rob Heyvaert: Totally, and that’s taken us decades of collective experience. It’s one of the things that makes Motive such a rich learning and execution environment.
Andrew Tarver: Sometimes, yeah. As you said recently, Rob - if you don’t adapt you get left behind. It’s as simple as that. When other companies in every sector are leveraging financial technology to create efficiencies, if that’s a train you decide not to get on… well, good luck!
Rob Heyvaert: And as a firm focused on building, backing and buying the companies that enable us to shape our rapidly evolving industry, we of course welcomed the full Jigsaw team into the Motive Create branch, with Andrew here as the Head of our innovation division.
Andrew Tarver: And I’m so excited to be here too.
Rob Heyvaert: So, Tarver, can I ask, what was it that, at this moment in time, meant you wanted Jigsaw to become a member of the Motive Family? Besides working with me, of course!
Andrew Tarver: Obviously it was you Rob. No but seriously, I think it all comes down to the frame of mind Motive Partners has as a firm. When we got together to ideate around building the world’s greatest innovation and operator-led investment firm, we knew that having a beginner’s mind would be essential. Being unencumbered to dream big, and then to execute fast.
Being a 10x thinker and a 10x supplier by not pigeonholing yourself or the work your company does. Amazon, Uber, Netflix, Tesla…these companies weren’t driven to give 2x the advancements or 2x the results, they’re overhauling entire service industries and changing the way other companies are doing their business. And it’s because they’re not limited in the scope of the company itself. Tesla isn’t a car company, it’s a technology company… that’s revolutionised the car industry.
Rob Heyvaert: Absolutely. Innovation is the future delivered.
Andrew Tarver: Yeah and it’s where Motive Partners, and specifically Motive Create comes in. With the Create platform focusing on innovation alongside operators and investors, there’s no limitations. Our research shows the market value opportunity in financial technology could reach $10 trillion in the next decade. That’s not going to come from strictly just FinTech companies as we know them today. It’s going to come from any company with a wider scope, that can successfully leverage financial technology to further the mission they have – from embedded finance to decentralized finance, every firm in every sector will benefit.
Motive Create is the innovation and value creation engine within Motive Partners. Motive Create leverages Motive Partners’ proprietary expertise in financial technology to identify, unlock and accelerate value for our portfolio companies and partners. Follow Motive Create on LinkedIn here.

Quote of the Week
Jordan Nof, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tusk Venture Partners said:
“We are in the first innings of a revolution. The best deals I’ve ever done in my life are the ones that are solving problems you never knew you had.“
FinTech took the headlines by storm in 2021. From 2020 to 2021, funding for FinTech startups increased from just under $50 billion to over $130 billion, delivering 157 unicorns - up from 27 in 2020.
Lately, engineers in financial services have been accelerating the creation of unicorns by finding entrepreneurial opportunities where markets already exist. Their keen eyes identify problems, inefficiencies, or pain points in the ways their segment of the market operates. The buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) industry is an up and coming example of where fintech innovation solved a hidden problem. Affirm and Klarna were both born from this concept; both services offer point of sale credit lines where customers can set up a payment plan to tackle big purchases slowly, all in the online marketplace. BNPL appeals to customers who would have originally been priced out of a purchase, or dissuaded from putting it on their credit card by high interest rates, with the result being sales growth for companies that partner with BNPL providers. These kind of successes build investor confidence in FinTech innovation.
FinTech entrepreneurs now seek to solve the next market of hidden problems: the back office. One example, a company in Mr. Nof’s portfolio at Tusk Venture Partners, is Lithic, which aims to solve problems within back office processes, who’s time consuming and costly nature prevent developers from entering the credit and debit card market. With entrepreneurs continuing to build like those behind companies like Affirm and Klarna as well as newcomers like Lithic, the innovation in FinTech is poised to continue to spur growth in the sector.
Motive Portfolio Highlights
  •  Wilshire – Financial Times launches cryptocurrency pricing dashboard in partnership with Wilshire. The dashboard, featuring the FT Wilshire Index Series, combines CryptoCompare’s market standard exchange ratings and Wilshire’s methodology to aggregate the prices of digital assets from the most highly rated crypto exchanges. Check out the Digital assets dashboard here
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Food for Thought
“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”
~Stephen Richard (Author)
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