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5 Legit Vendors to Buy Noopept Powder & Capsules From

In this issue, we will have a quick overview of five of the best vendors that offer quality noopept p
5 Legit Vendors to Buy Noopept Powder & Capsules From
By Morris Health • Issue #3 • View online
In this issue, we will have a quick overview of five of the best vendors that offer quality noopept powder and capsules in 2020.

Noopept is the trade name for the synthetic nootropic compound N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolylglycine Ethyl Ester. It is very similar to piracetam and is generally considered to be a racetam, although technically, its molecular structure is a little different than a typical racetam compound.
This over-the-counter nootropic is not considered a dietary supplement and you won’t find it at most local and online health stores, like CVS, Walmart, or even Amazon! So where can one buy some good quality noopept these days?
5 Recommended Vendors to Buy Noopept From
The following are five of the best places that sell noopept in capsule and/or powder form:
For several years now, Nootropics Depot has been one of the largest and most reputable vendors in the nootropics submarket. They do an outstanding job in terms of quality control, product testing and customer service.
They have their own in-house lab where they run tests on each batch of the raw materials. You can ask them for a lot-specific certificate of analysis (COA) via email. Most of the time they ship orders on the same day if you place your order during business hours.
Noopept is one of the cheapest nootropics on the market. At ND, a 30-capsule (x30mg) bottle costs $9.99, while a 5-gram powder jar costs $12.99. If you’d like to get it at an even lower price, you can subscribe to the Nootropics Depot newsletter, which will reward you with a one-time 10% discount coupon code.
HR Supplements is known as a low-cost supplier of bulk sports supplements. They also carry several nootropic products in capsule and powder forms at very competitive prices. They do in-house lab tests and you can view/download the COAs online.
This is also another long-established store with a good reputation for their quick service and high quality products. They are one of the few companies that sell the sublingual solution, but I’d stick with the standard oral capsules or powder.
Pure Nootropics do basic third-party lab tests of each batch of their products and you can download the COAs from their website.
Although their prices are on the higher end, this company sells neat products made from high quality ingredients. In fact, their raw materials are sourced from the same supplier used by Nootropics Depot, but are known to have more stringent quality control.
They only sell encapsulated products, not the powder. Unless you don’t mind spending the extra bucks on their fancy packaging, I’d say just stick with Nootropics Depot where you get the same quality at a lower price.
SuperSmart is a European retailer with a massive selection of mainstream nutritional supplements and vitamins. They don’t sell many synthetic nootropics – only noopept and phenibut capsules (no powder).
Most of their customers are located in Europe and most of their products are much pricier than what you can get from US-based shops.
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