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This week showed strong signs that Illinois is heading towards a new coronavirus peak: Illinois suffered its highest daily coronavirus death toll in over three months on Wednesday, and then days later, the state saw its highest number of new cases ever reported in one day. With numbers heading in “a concerning direction” as the season turns, Gov. J.B. Pritzker warned “this virus isn’t taking a holiday. It only wants to find new hosts.”
As cases climb in Illinois, Indiana joined the list of states on Chicago’s emergency travel order after a surge of coronavirus cases in the Hoosier state. People coming to Chicago from states on the list are asked to quarantine for 14 days.
In other news this week, a Chicago police officer who was assigned to former Supt. Eddie Johnson’s security detail filed a sexual abuse and harassment lawsuit against the former top cop. Records we obtained revealed that Johnson and Officer Cynthia Donald went on at least seven out-of-town taxpayer-funded business trips between 2016 and 2019, sometimes staying in adjacent hotel rooms. Donald contends that Johnson forced her to have sex — in his office and on those work-related trips. Johnson denies her allegations. 
There are some other stories that may not have caught your eye between the COVID-19 news, the Eddie Johnson bombshell and Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings. If you missed something, we’ll catch you up…
Chicago Public Schools reports ‘stunning’ single-year enrollment drop, largest in over 2 decades
Chicago crook’s case highlights Supreme Court nominee’s black-and-white approach
Chicago cop hopes to help others escape his murdered mom’s fate on CPD’s Domestic Violence Unit
Facing a shortage of educators of color, CPS looks to groom its own students for teaching jobs
‘Windy City Rehab’ carpenter Ari Smejkal on his newfound fame: 20-30 business calls a day, ‘guys and girls hitting on me all the time’
New initiative seeks to transform health care on the South Side
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