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This week, we learned that coronavirus cases in Illinois are creeping back up to numbers like the ones we saw back in May, the initial peak of the pandemic nearly five months ago. Indiana is also seeing an uptick in cases, and Chicago residents are being urged to avoid visiting the Hoosier state, which is on a warning list for now.
As we continue to reel from COVID-19’s devastating effects, local politicians announced several initiatives aiming to help those who are struggling. Armed with $25 million in “initial” philanthropic contributions and “corporate commitments,” the Chicago Community Trust announced a plan to help the city rebuild equitably, ensuring that Black and Hispanic communities that bore the brunt of COVID-19’s effects can make a strong comeback. And Cook County officials announced a $20 million mortgage assistance program designed to help keep roofs over the heads of cash-strapped suburban residents.
The other big news of the week centered on the vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and California Sen. Kamala Harris. If you missed it, here are six key takeaways, plus a story about the fly that stole the show.
Maybe you skipped the VP debate catch up on “Windy City Rehab,” which also made headlines this week. The latest development comes from the Chicago couple who sued after buying an allegedly problematic Lincoln Square home featured on the show: they filed an emergency motion this week to block Alison Victoria from selling her home in Bucktown while the lawsuit plays out. We rounded up all the twists and turns in the show’s off-screen legal drama here.
It’s been another busy week in Chicago. If you missed a story along the way, we’ll catch you up…
Ex-Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club boss Orvie Cochran: 16 years on the lam was a ‘terrible time’
Pritzker proposes ending cash bail, no-knock warrants and other criminal justice reforms
North Lawndale restaurant owner Louise ‘Momma Lue’ Harper retiring after 60 years
Pride and politicking as Foxx, Stratton, Kelly, Yarbrough watch ‘history maker and a glass ceiling breaker’
Field Museum’s new dinosaur curator is a ‘punk rock’ paleontologist
Adam Sandler sinks to new lows in dismal ‘Hubie Halloween’
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