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Stories you may have missed this week

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This week, we learned that some of Chicago’s most cherished attractions — the Lakefront Trail and the 606 Trail — are set to reopen tomorrow. The news came after Millennium Park reopened Monday, and the city’s bars were allowed to reopen for outdoor service Wednesday.
As the city continues its partial reopening, it also continues to grapple with a growing nationwide push by activists for local governments to shift money away from law enforcement in favor of social services. This week, the Cook County Board advanced a measure resolving to “redirect money from the failed and racist systems of policing.” This came just one day after Board President Toni Preckwinkle voiced support for defunding the police.
It’s been another busy week, and there are plenty of great stories that might not be on your radar. If you missed something, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up…
African American entrepreneurs launch a craft beer named for two famous Chicago ‘Harolds’
A ‘last responder’s’ COVID-19 message: ‘If they won’t listen to a doctor, maybe they’ll listen to an undertaker’
Ranking Chicago cop’s last job before retirement: fixing city’s response to riots
‘Windy City Rehab’ stars defrauded us, says investors’ suit accusing them of siphoning cash
Mobile sports betting launches in Illinois — finally
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