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Exclusive interview with Paul Fronczak, subject of CNN's 'The Lost Sons'

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The new CNN documentary “The Lost Sons,” which aired for the first time Sunday night, tells the heartbreaking, inspiring and often baffling story of a man searching for the truth behind his own identity after discovering he’d been kidnapped from a Chicago hospital as a newborn.
In an exclusive interview, Paul Fronczak spoke to our Stefano Esposito about what happened after he found the real baby who’d been kidnapped in 1964. “I sacrificed a lot of my life to make my mom’s life complete, and I would do it again and again,” says Fronczak, now 57.
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Satchel Price, assistant audience engagement editor
Paul Fronczak exclusive interview: subject of CNN’s ‘The Lost Sons,’ found real baby kidnapped from Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital in 1964. What happened after that.
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