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CPS mom dies after kid exposed to COVID-19 at school



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Good morning, Chicago —
Here’s the latest news from the area this morning.
The mother of a Chicago Public Schools student who had been ordered to quarantine for COVID-19 exposure has passed away after battling the virus, according to her family. The district previously denied finding any evidence that the eight cases discovered this month at Jensen Elementary were passed onto others.
The world of R. Kelly finally changed yesterday with his conviction on racketeering charges in a New York federal court, but the R&B singer still faces more charges in Chicago. Our Jon Seidel looks at what’s next for Kelly after a jury in Brooklyn found him guilty.
And beaches across Lake Michigan are closed after a large rust-colored discharge of liquid from a U.S. Steel plant spilled into the lake. Environment officials say they’re still investigating the incident and collecting water samples to analyze.
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Satchel Price, assistant audience engagement editor
CPS mom dies after her child exposed to COVID-19 at school where hundreds of kids quarantined
R. Kelly faces more charges in Chicago, elsewhere, so what happens next?
Lake Michigan beaches closed, water plant shuttered after U.S. Steel spill in Northwest Indiana
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