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5 wounded in rolling gunfight in West Town during evening rush hour



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Chicago Sun-Times Morning Edition
Good morning, Chicago —
Here’s the latest news in the area this morning.
At least four bystanders were wounded in a mass shooting yesterday during rush hour in West Town. The scene of the shooting spanned two blocks of Milwaukee Avenue, officials said, while one witness said he heard 20-30 shots in about 10 seconds.
The Chicago Sun-Times and the parent company of public radio station WBEZ are discussing the possibility of becoming a “combined entity.” A final deal, which has not been reached, would make the Sun-Times a subsidiary of Chicago Public Media.
And Mayor Lori Lightfoot appears ready to move forward at Soldier Field with or without the Bears, who recently took a big step toward leaving the city for the suburbs. Yesterday, Lightfoot sounded almost resigned to the Bears’ departure because “we’ve got to be smart about how we spend taxpayers’ dollars.”
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Satchel Price, assistant audience engagement editor
5 wounded in rolling gunfight in West Town during evening rush hour. ‘We need to pray for Chicago, we need better for Chicago.’
Lightfoot prepared to move on at Soldier Field — with or without the Bears
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