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Weekly newsletter of @momblogger - Issue #11

Weekly newsletter of @momblogger
Weekly newsletter of @momblogger
Anti-vaxxers are being banned in YouTube. Ivermectin . The Guardian has “discovered a deep well of fraudulent research that underlies the entire literature behind ivermectin for Covid-19. Not just one or two problematic papers, but a staggering volume of studies that appear to either be so fatally flawed that they cannot be trusted or research that literally never happened at all.”

Dealing with Ivermectin fraud
“Several other studies that claim a clinical benefit for ivermectin are similarly fraught, and contain impossible numbers in their results, unexplainable mismatches between trial registry updates and published patient demographics, purported timelines that are not consistent with the veracity of the data collection, and substantial methodological weaknesses. We expect further studies supporting ivermectin to be withdrawn over the coming months.”
 In the case of ivermectin, it appears that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people have been treated with a drug based on studies that may never have happened at all.
Dealing With Ivermectin Fraud and Covid-19 | by Gideon M-K; Health Nerd | Sep, 2021 | Medium
An estimated18 randomised control trials show about a third are either fake or not conducted as described. ‘There’s not a single randomised control trial which reliably says ivermectin saves lives,’ says Sheldrick. A key conclusion for him is that ‘trust is toxic in research’ and that starting from a position of trust ‘is one of the biggest things that needs to change’.
Ivermectin debacle exposes flaws in meta-analysis methodology | News | Chemistry World
 It now seems less and less likely that ivermectin can treat Covid-19, as I wrote recently. I am hopeful that there is a modest benefit from the drug, but it is getting harder and harder to remain optimistic in the face of a rapidly crumbling evidence-base. With this new evidence of potential misconduct, the rationale for using ivermectin as a prophylactic is also severely reduced as well.
Is Ivermectin for Covid-19 Based on Fraudulent Research? Part 3 | by Gideon M-K; Health Nerd | Sep, 2021 | Medium
YouTube cracks down on anti-vaccine videos, bans major accounts
YouTube had a policy against Covid-19 vaccine misinformation, but the new ban includes content that falsely claims vaccines for other diseases are dangerous or ineffective.
YouTube cracks down on anti-vaccine videos, bans major accounts
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki speaks to Emily Chang about COVID vaccine videos and removing over 1M videos associated with COVID misinformation.
YouTube Has Removed 1 Million Videos About Covid, CEO Says
Vaccine rollout in the Philippines
22,541,383 were given as a first dose as of September 29, 2021.
In Metro Manila alone, 7.2 million persons have already completed their COVID-19 vaccination, accounting for 73% of the target population.
Over 21 million Filipinos now fully vaccinated vs COVID-19 | Inquirer News
On testing for Covid-19
On COVID Testing: the mechanics & science behind different #COVID19 tests can be difficult to navigate. This flowchart can help you determine what COVID test type you need. current infection? past infection? Via Dr Melvin Sanicas on Twitter
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Weekly newsletter of @momblogger
Weekly newsletter of @momblogger

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