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Weekly Vue News - #61 - Expose slots from 3rd-party child component

Michael Hoffmann
Michael Hoffmann
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Vue Tip: Expose slots from 3rd-party child component
Third-party components are often wrapped in a custom component. But in that way, the slots of the third-party component get lost.
The following solution exposes all slots of the third-party component to the parent component:
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Now every component that uses WrapperComponent can use the slots of ThirdPartyComponent.
What’s happening:
  1. We insert the third-party component and bind its attributes via the $attrs component instance object (official docs)
  2. We loop over all available slots using the $slots component instance object (official docs) and bind the slots props to the slot name via #[name]="slotProps"
  3. In the slot, we use v-bind to bind all third-party slot properties (slotProps) to pass out to a parent
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JavaScript Tip: Remove falsy values from array
.filter(Boolean) removes the following values from an array:
  • null
  • undefined
  • NaN
  • false
  • 0
  • “” (empty string)
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