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Weekly Vue.js News - #42 - Create custom v-model modifier

Michael Hoffmann
Michael Hoffmann
Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹
This weekโ€™s Vue tip is about creating custom v-model modifiers.
Additionally, I published my first eBook called โ€œ27 helpful tips for Vue developersโ€.
I hope you will enjoy this weeksโ€™ issue and if you have any feedback, please get in touch with me on Twitter -ย @mokkapps or via email:ย
Have a great week โ˜€๏ธ

Vue Tip: Create custom v-model modifier
v-model has some built-in modifiers like .lazy, .number and .trim. But in some cases, you might need to add your own custom modifier.
In this simple demo, I want to create a custom modifier called no-underscore that removes all underscores _ from an input:
Inside our component we can access the modifier via the modelModifiers prop. We manipulate the value if an input event is fired and the modifier is available:
If your v-model binding includes both modifiers and argument then the generated prop name will be arg + โ€œModifiersโ€:
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Michael Hoffmann
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