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Legal news everyone should know

Legal news everyone should know

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Modern Law 17 - Islamophobia, Soda Tax, Amazon Whole Foods

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Modern Law - Issue #16

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Modern Law - Issue #15

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Modern Law - Issue #14

This is a long one, folks, but there's a lot of legal stuff going on this week you need to know about, so get reading.


Modern Law - Issue #13


Modern Law - Issue #12


Modern Law - Issue #11

Someone unsubscribed after the last issue, but hey, we don't need 'em! If you're thinking of unsubscribing though, maybe send me an email at and tell me why. Perhaps something can be worked out. Honest feedback is gold.I don't just say this out …


Modern Law - Issue #10

Hello from the newest associate at Lydecker Diaz. These may not keep coming twice weekly (I gots to hit those billables people...), but they'll keep coming!A little introductory note: if there are only three links in an issue, they are all worth reading in th…


Modern Law - Issue #9

If you're going to disappear, make sure you're white, and preferably blonde...


Modern Law - Issue #8

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Modern Law - Issue #7

Everyone knows someone who knows too little about the legal developments shaping our daily lives. You're someone, which makes you part of everyone, which means you know someone who knows too little about the legal developments shaping our daily lives! Forward…


Modern Law - Issue #6

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Modern Law #5

Whoah, you read to the end! I wish I had a prize for you, but I don't. You'll have to settle for being better-informed on important legal news than most people you know, probably including the lawyers ; ).Don't forget that if you want to respond to anything i…


Modern Law - The Sorry-About-Last-Week Edition

And that's good news considering that...


Modern Law: The Edition-With-an-MMA-Photo-at-the-Top Edition

But putting aside all of the politics, seeing letters like this from one lawyer to another is to law nerds as watching UFC fighters do that weird forehead-touching pre-fight intimidation dance.


Modern Law: The 2016-Presidential-Debates-Are-Like-the-Superbowl-in-My-House Edition

I've deliberately steered clear of election coverage until now, but the law is steeped in the top-down influence of presidential politics, not to mention the next president gets a SCOTUS pick. So I'm starting things off with some neutral reporting on each can…


Modern Law: The Getting My Sh*t Together Edition

Okay people, if you're still reading you are AWESOME. I've been looking for an easier way to do the newsletter because while I'm busier than ever I really want to keep this thing going. TinyLetter, the service I've been using, is really great but meant for mo…