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Modern Law: The 2016-Presidential-Debates-Are-Like-the-Superbowl-in-My-House Edition


Modern Law

October 7 · Issue #2 · View online

Legal news everyone should know

I’ve deliberately steered clear of election coverage until now, but the law is steeped in the top-down influence of presidential politics, not to mention the next president gets a SCOTUS pick. So I’m starting things off with some neutral reporting on each candidate’s platform, courtesy Reuters.
I’m also disgusted by the lawmakers who voted to override the Presidential veto of the 9/11 lawsuits authorization bill, which makes U.S. citizens vulnerable to similar lawsuits in foreign courts, so there’s a good explainer below from Vox about all that jazz.
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Factbox: Trump's policies on immigration, economy, other issues| Reuters
Factbox: Clinton's policies on economy, Islamic State, other issues| Reuters
The Obama administration's case against the 9/11 bill, explained for Congress (and you) - Vox
Prosecutors who withhold or tamper with evidence now face felony charges - LA Times
Shameless Self-Promotion Corner
This image from the WaPo story below was too good not to include here
This image from the WaPo story below was too good not to include here
Government lawyers don’t understand the Internet. That’s a problem. - The Washington Post
Bonus Video
"DEBATE NIGHT!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the first 2016 Presidential Debate - YouTube
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