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Modern Law #5


Modern Law

February 27 · Issue #5 · View online

Legal news everyone should know

Can anyone sustain a newsletter about the law without talking politics? Tune into the resurrection of Modern Law to find out. I don’t plan on talking about Trump, at least not directly. 
I don’t want this thing to be an outlet for my political positions. It’s a way to express what I find interesting as the law evolves. So while you may see references to politics or Trump in the links I share, don’t expect political commentary one way or the other. 
One more thing: most issues will be limited to 5 links, but this one has a few extra because it’s been a while and I’m celebrating a new commitment to getting it out to you once (or even twice) every week.
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Duterte targets Philippine children in bid to widen drug war — Reuters
Fake News Is About to Get Even Scarier than You Ever Dreamed — Vanity Fair
Antonin Scalia: His Wisdom Recalled on the Anniversary of His Death — National Review
Digitizing and organizing your receipts — The Sweet Setup
ICC Communication About Australia's Mistreatment of Refugees — Opinio Juris
One of the World's Biggest Fisheries Is on The Verge of Collapse — National Geographic
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Whoah, you read to the end! I wish I had a prize for you, but I don’t. You’ll have to settle for being better-informed on important legal news than most people you know, probably including the lawyers ; ).
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