Mobility & Transportation

By Sanathan Kassiedass

Insight into all things transportation and mobility, covering driverless vehicles, trends in public transportation, the rise of cycling, ride- and car-share, smart city developments, ITS, and more.

Insight into all things transportation and mobility, covering driverless vehicles, trends in public transportation, the rise of cycling, ride- and car-share, smart city developments, ITS, and more.

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Mobility & Transportation





Mobility & Transportation - Issue #68

As we head into a long weekend on both sides of the border (Canada Day Friday, and Independence Day on Monday), I'd like to encourage you to take transit, bike share, or a TNC to get to your celebrations. Downtowns can get congested with traffic, and it's no …


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #67

Hi friends!Hope you're enjoying some good weather, and being out in real life. Like a scene out of the movies, we're seeing our first electric fire truck arrive in LA. To help bring aid to the nightmare that is the war in Ukraine, Uber is offering a 'private-…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #66

Happy Friday {{first_name}} !!I am excited to share with you a partnership that Trapeze has inked with Uber, to expand its taxi and TNC integration capabilities to enable transit agencies to provide their para transit riders with trips supplied by Uber -- on …


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #65

During our conference, I leveraged skills learned from working with Overlap Associates to facilitate a Design Thinking workshop. We moved through the five steps of the process including empathizing, ideating, and prototyping -- with Lego! It was a very powerf…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #64

A lot of great things happening in Ontario: Mississauga-based Modaxo has acquired TransLoc from Ford, and on a local scale transit riders will now be able to get a free local bus trip to get to the regional GO rail system. Elsewhere, a university is gaining …


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #63

Hello {{first_name}}!!Hope you've been well - looking forward to sharing some highlights of what I've been reading lately.Those of you who live in Ontario can now renew your license plate without having to pull out your credit card, thanks to a new promise fr…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #62

Thanks for reading and sharing!I'd like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season {{first_name}}. As we head into the holidays, consider ordering a meal or two from a local restaurant -- one of the best ways to support a local business. If ordering direct…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #61

Happy ThursdayIn this week's roundup, I'm sharing a few Google Maps tips, growth of instant grocer JOKR, an opportunity to apply your tech skills to improve the City of Toronto (or borrow the idea for the city in which you live), a PSA that you don't yet have…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #60

It's nearly the holiday season, yet the world is not slowing down! Lots to share this week, with big investments in on-demand transit, Uber getting into legal cannabis delivery and electric vehicles topping mayors' lists of priorities to address climate chan…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #59

I had the opportunity last week to check out the APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Conference and Expo in Orlando. It felt great to be out in the real world again, connecting with colleagues in our industry. As usual I have a few snippets of…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #58


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #57

Welcome back to school and work! I hope you've all had a great summer! I'm back at it with this issue, bringing you a roundup of articles to help with your virtual water-cooler talk about tech & transportation. I'm excited to share some of the work that I…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #56


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #55


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #54

Hello!My name is Sanathan Kassiedass, and I am your new "Mobility & Transportation" content curator. I am an urban planner and product manager with experience in tech. My recent experience includes leading Innovation & New Mobility for Metrolinx and n…


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #53

This issues features updates on electric vehicles, autonomous, rideshare safety, transportation design, and traffic management.We always appreciate your feedback and article suggestions! Just send us a message or reply to this email.


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #52

Micromobility, Porche's new electric vehicle, flying taxis, e-scooters and more!


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #51


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #50

We are happy to welcome our new curator, Alyssa Haerle, to our Mobility & Transportation Startup Digest! Hopefully we can get the frequency of the digest up again with her help.As always, please reach out to us if you have found something interesting you …


Mobility & Transportation - Issue #49