Mobility & Transportation

By Sanathan Kassiedass

Mobility & Transportation - Issue #63

Mobility & Transportation




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Mobility & Transportation

Insight into all things transportation and mobility, covering driverless vehicles, trends in public transportation, the rise of cycling, ride- and car-share, smart city developments, ITS, and more.

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Those of you who live in Ontario can now renew your license plate without having to pull out your credit card, thanks to a new promise from the Ontario government. And those of you who live in Wales will soon be able to drive on a road made of recycled diapers. RideCo snags $20 million in funding to modernize transit, and Ford sinks $20 billion into modernizing the nations greatest selling vehicle to being all-electric.
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RideCo raises CDN$20M with Series A round
Microtransit Programs Promise On-Demand Transportation For All
Uber and Lyft are finally starting to look like different companies
In the auto world
Ingenious road safety poster is a hit online
Ontario scraps licence plate sticker renewal fees, offers refunds
Reorganizing for Shift to Electric Cars, Spending Up to $20 Billion
BlackBerry: out with the smartphone, in with a car that anticipates your next move
Bike Share
How Toronto’s Bike Share ridership kicked into high gear during COVID-19
Transit planning & funding
FCM, Big City Mayors applaud federal investment in public transit
The Busway that Ottawa Abandoned
Transit Unplugged TVEpisode 2: Nashville WeGo Public Transit
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