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Mobility & Transportation - Issue #47

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Mobility & Transportation

Insight into all things transportation and mobility, covering driverless vehicles, trends in public transportation, the rise of cycling, ride- and car-share, smart city developments, ITS, and more.

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Timo, James and Manuel

Tesla vaunts creation of ‘the best chip in the world’ for self-driving
Bogotá, Colombia’s Ciclovía bans cars every Sunday, and people love it
Can High-Speed Rail Foes Stop a Texas Bullet Train?
Tesla’s Deep Learning at Scale: Using Billions of Miles to Train Neural Networks
Uber, Google, IBM, and others join Urban Computing Foundation to create tools for 'cities of tomorrow'
Waymo’s self-driving cars are now available on Lyft’s app in Phoenix
A5: Germany is opening its first e-highway for trucks
Bird is now selling its electric scooters directly to consumers
Ford’s Way to Finish Driverless Deliveries: Package-Carrying Robots
China’s Robocars Are Being Lapped By Their U.S. Competitors
Bike lanes need barriers, not just paint
The Technological Culture of Ethical Transportation
Congestion Pricing Should Use Apps, Not Cameras
The California Legislature Is Getting Played by Micromobility Companies raises $15M to build a plug-and-play supercomputer for autonomous systems
Citroen exec says autonomous driving and electrification will create design revolution
Essential Stats For Justifying And Comparing Self-Driving Cars To Humans At The Wheel
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