Mobile News - Week of October 4, 2021

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Happy Saturday!
I traveled to Los Angeles for the very first time since the pandemic began this past week and spoke at Saastr on the topic of Launching Your Startup From $0 to $10M in Revenue. Check out my super fun meme-based slide.
My partner Alfred Chuang wrote this awesome opinion piece in VentureBeat on the topic Predictive Transactions and how it will impact enterprise infrastructure. When transactions move from enhancing decisions (i.e. recommended bundle items) to predicting purchase decisions, predictive transaction processing is about to upend the model of the last 57 years of computing and change the way we live, work, shop, and entertain. Click here and read more. 
Here are the top mobile news this week >
  • Facebook - How It Disappeared from the Internet
  • WhatsApp - Swallowed Half The World
  • Snapchat - Biggest Winner the Day Facebook Went Dark 
  • Twitter - Sold MoPub for $1B
  • Siri - Apple wasted head start
  • Netflix - Acquires its first gaming studio

Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet
How WhatsApp Swallowed Half The World
Snapchat Was the Biggest Winner the Day Facebook Went Dark
Twitter to sell mobile ad unit MoPub for $1 billion
Siri’s 10-year anniversary is a reminder of Apple’s wasted head start
Netflix acquires its first game studio in deal with Oxenfree creator Night School Studio
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