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Mobile News - Week of March 15, 2021

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The latest news and information about startups and innovations from the mobile world.

Everything seems to be up and to the right!
Between Roblox’s incredible $39 billion IPO, Bitcoin tops the $60,000 mark, and Beeple selling NFT (non-fungible tokens) art for $69 million, this past week was just incredible.
My partner Chris McCann did an awesome analysis in his newsletter on Coinbase S-1 filing and I want to repost it here:
Coinbase S-1 filing summary 
  • Coinbase is valued at ~ $100B
  • Revenue: $1.3B in 2020, and $530M in 2019
  • Trading volume: $193B in 2020, and $79B in 2019
  • Customer base: 43M “verified users” with monthly active users at 2.8M. 96% are retail customers
  • Investors: Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z - $11B), Union Square Ventures (USV - $5.1B), and Ribbit Capital ($4.4B)
  • Corporate headquarters office location - “Address Not Applicable”
Opaque Systems (one of my portfolio companies) is hiring! Building on an open-source MC2 Platform, Opaque enables secured analytics and machine learning on encrypted data. Their team is super badass and all-stars. They are looking for an awesome product manager and developer evangelist. Check it out.
Here are the top mobile news this week >
  • Amazon - $20 billion advertising business
  • Clubhouse - Why and how Clubhouse may fail
  • App Store - Revenue impact with 15% fee change
  • Amazon - eCommerce Live streaming
  • Facial Recognition - Story of Clearview
  • Apple - iPhone 12 is slower?
  • Statistics - Wearable devices drives 28.4% growth

Does Amazon make more from ads than AWS?
How ClubHouse May Fail
Google and Apple are giving up less than 5% of their revenue from apps with payout changes
Live-streaming, Still Niche, Grows as a Tool for Retailers
Facial Recognition: What Happens When We’re Tracked Everywhere We Go?
iPhone 12 is slower than almost every Android phone in 5G/4G speed tests
Consumer Enthusiasm for Wearable Devices Drives the Market to 28.4% Growth in 2020
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