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MLT Newsletter - September 2022

Suzana Ilić
Suzana Ilić
We’re back with machine learning news and meetups! 🤖

NVIDIA Japan x MLT at GTC 2022
Come join us at the NVIDIA GTC 2022 developer and technology conference next week from Sept. 19-22! Some of the highlights we’re super excited about:
🤖 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang
🔥 Fireside chat with the Turing Award winners Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun, moderated by Sanja Fidler
💛 and many more talks exploring the key advances driving AI – including large language models, digital biology, robotics and climate science
Free Registration with a special for MLT members:
(Paid partnership)
(Paid partnership)
MLT __init__ Session #17: LLM.int8()
Jayson Cunanan and J. Miguel Valverde are hosting our next MLT __init__ session: This time they are welcoming Tim Dettmers, who will talk about their recent paper LLM.int8(): 8-bit Matrix Multiplication for Transformers at Scale – cutting the memory requirements for LLM inference by half while retaining full precision performance! 🔥
Interesting ML bits on Twitter
Quite exciting: Adept – the Founders are the brilliant minds behind the Transformer architecture in “Attention is All You Need” – built ACT-1 (“Action Transformer”), a model that uses software tools. 🤯
1/7 We built a new model! It’s called Action Transformer (ACT-1) and we taught it to use a bunch of software tools. In this first video, the user simply types a high-level request and ACT-1 does the rest. Read on to see more examples ⬇️
LLM power
GPT-3 + Python interpreter:
· exact math
· API requests
· answers in unprecedented ways 👀
Sergey Karayev
Here's a brief glimpse of our INCREDIBLE near future.

GPT-3 armed with a Python interpreter can
· do exact math
· make API requests
· answer in unprecedented ways

Thanks to @goodside and @amasad for the idea and repl!

Play with it:
Great step by Meta: PyTorch is moving to a new, independent PyTorch Foundation as part of the Linux Foundation.
Meta AI
This morning, Mark Zuckerberg announced that @PyTorch is moving to a new, independent #PyTorchFoundation as part of the #LinuxFoundation umbrella. Learn what’s next for one of the leading platforms for #AI research and production applications.
🔥 Diffusion Models
Pretty cool, in case you’re looking for Stable Diffusion images:
Sharif Shameem
Introducing "God Mode" for Lexica.

Quickly view hundreds of Stable Diffusion images in a single search and find the exact style you're looking for in seconds.

Available now:
A Beginner’s Guide to Stable Diffusion
Intro to “basic prompting theory” 😁 via Reddit
How to get images that don’t suck: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Cool Images from #StableDiffusion
Big news
“This time, we’re going all the way through to implementing the astounding Stable Diffusion algorithm. That’s the killer app that made the internet freak out, and caused the media to say ‘you may never believe what you see online again’.” 😁
Jeremy Howard
Big news: we're launching a new course in <4 weeks. "From Deep Learning Foundations to Stable Diffusion".

Bigger news: for this course, we're teaming up with @StabilityAI!

AFAIK, this is the 1st course that covers every method used in Stable Diffusion.
Thanks for reading! Until next time,
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Suzana Ilić
Suzana Ilić @__MLT__

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