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MLT Newsletter - October 2021

Suzana Ilić
Suzana Ilić
Dear all,
It was a bit quiet over the summer but we’re back with a cool project, events and a brand new website!

ML Search
We’re excited to launch ML Search beta – a specialized search engine and knowledge platform for ML resources. Instead of browsing random websites and multiple places to get code, videos, tools or papers for instance, we fetch information from several different places to get you the resources you need in one sweep. If you’re interested in joining and testing the beta release register here. ML Search is developed and maintained by a team of MLT members.
NLP with Transformers and the Hugging Face Ecosystem
We’re excited to co-host this hands-on workshop together with Hugging Face on Friday, October 22 from 7pm JST.
Since their introduction in 2017, Transformers have become the de facto standard for tackling a wide range of NLP tasks in both academia and industry. In this workshop, we’ll teach you the core concepts behind Transformers and how to train these models in the Hugging Face ecosystem. Read more about the workshop here.
🙌 Join us for the workshop on Meetup!
🚀 Find open source models, datasets and other resources on
🤗 Join the Hugging Face Discord and connect with the community #transformers-workshop-japan
Previous talks
MLT init Paper Reading & Discussion
Nan Lu, Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo presented Fang et al. (2020): Rethinking Importance Weighting for Deep Learning under Distribution Shift in our last MLT init session.
📝 Read the Paper
👩‍💻 Watch the Video
MLT __init__ Session #10: Rethinking Importance Weighting
MLT __init__ Session #10: Rethinking Importance Weighting
MLT Talks
We welcomed Connor Leahy, Co-founder and AI Researcher at EleutherAI, for a talk on “Large Language Models and the future of AI”.
🧑🏾‍💻 Watch the Video
Large Language Models and the Future of AI with Connor Leahy, EleutherAI
Large Language Models and the Future of AI with Connor Leahy, EleutherAI
We’re excited to launch our brand new website with a cleaner look and all important information available at a glance. You might also notice a new logo, changing from Machine Learning Tokyo to MLT / MLT.AI. The icon remains the same, so it’s still the same old, but with a new perspective. Even though MLT is based in Tokyo and the majority of our members are in Japan, MLT has been growing beyond the borders of Japan, becoming a global community of machine learning engineers and researchers. This has also an impact on our upcoming program for 2022 as well as our organizational structure. More about this to be announced soon. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the new website! :)
If you made it this far, thanks a lot for reading! 🧠 🤖 Your thoughts, ideas and feedback are always welcome.
Until next time,
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Suzana Ilić
Suzana Ilić @__MLT__

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