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MLT Newsletter - July 2022

Suzana Ilić
Suzana Ilić
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ML Search beta release
We’re super excited to release ML Search beta! 🚀 ML Search is a search engine and knowledge platform that helps you find, store and share relevant machine learning resources fast. We’re reducing random browsing time by taking in your search query and fetching information from multiple relevant sources only. You can find papers, code, videos, and machine learning tools all in one place, in seconds instead of hours.
ML Search is in beta, it might be slow at times, maybe even a bit buggy and it’s still minimal in terms of features, but our team is super excited to keep working on it and we hope it’ll grow over time and become a valuable platform for the machine learning community! 💙 If you’d like to be part of it, we’re always grateful for feedback (feel free to ping me on the MLT Slack) and we’re also looking for new team members who have devops, backend, frontend and UI/UX experience to join us. It’s still a lot of software engineering work, but later on we’ll also integrate machine learning to help improve user experience.
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We’re excited to host a series of lectures on Statistics with Michal Fabinger as a continuation of his previous lectures “A Rigorous Introduction to Probability Theory”.
The series aims at building a solid foundation of statistics knowledge, the concepts are introduced in an intuitive yet rigorous way. The material will help participants to understand scientific articles that use probability theory and statistics which can be useful both for machine learning and data science practitioners and for those on an academic path (undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, or faculty members). The lectures are led by Prof. Michal Fabinger, the content is similar to the corresponding course at the Acalonia school.
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Statistics: Estimators, asymptotic theory, and random variable convergence 2 with Michal Fabinger
Statistics: Estimators, asymptotic theory, and random variable convergence 2 with Michal Fabinger
Meetup: A Practical Tutorial on Building Machine Learning Demos with Gradio
Join us on Friday for this hands-on tutorial with Gradio Founder and Hugging Face ML Team Lead Abubakar Abid! Building machine learning demos and web apps has traditionally required significant knowledge of web development (css, js) and web hosting. We will discuss the Gradio library, an alternative that allows you to build machine learning demos entirely in Python. This tutorial will be hands-on: we’ll be going through a colab notebook and end by hosting the demo on Hugging Face Spaces, so be ready to code! 🙌
🤖 Friday, July 22, 2022 (9:00am PT, 6:00pm CET, 9:30pm IST)
Meetup: AI at Scale in Rakuten’s Recommendation
We’re excited to welcome Rakuten Group Inc. as a partner company supporting MLT and the machine learning community. Principal Data Science Engineer Phuc Le from Rakuten will talk about how AI/ML is applied at scale in the e-commerce industry.
Phuc will give a general introduction to recommendation systems and will dive into some modern types of recommendations used in Rakuten Group services. He will close his talk by explaining how multi-task learning with deep learning helps to improve buy-again recommendations.
🤖 Monday, July 25, 2022 (7:00pm JST, 3:30pm IST, 12:00pm CET)
If your company would like to become a partner company and support the machine learning community don’t hesitate to reach out!
MLT talks and lectures
Here are some of our favourite MLT talks in 2022 so far:
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Open call
Our organization is still based in Japan, and the majority of our community is still based in Japan even though most of our events and projects are fully online and remote. In the future MLT will be decentralized with an even stronger focus on community-led initiatives. More about that in our next newsletter. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in teaching or speaking at MLT feel free to fill out this form and I’ll get back to you asap.
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Thanks everyone, until next time!
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