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Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter -Keeping the Veep Busy Edition

Manuel L. Quezon III
Manuel L. Quezon III
My column this week looked at the President’s designating the Veep as “Officer-in-Charge,” by means of a new kind of executive issuance, the “Special Order,” which was an innovation of the Duterte administration, quite likely a carrying-over of mayoral practice. Setting aside the (to me, weaker) phrasing of the Duterte-Marcos era instructions, the basic principles since 1936 have been retained. The Veep for her part, seems to have seized on her designation with alacrity, and one wonders how the more institutionally-oriented people she summoned, actually felt about it.
Proyekto Pilipino has had two episodes focused on the barangay: the first, on our views and observations on the barangay as the basic building block of local government; the second, an interesting because candid conversation with an experienced barangay dynamics, both local and national.

The Veep's Command Conference
The Veep's Command Conference
This week's The Long View
Responsibility without authority | Inquirer Opinion
Two-part #ProyektoPilipino
“Napakahalaga ng local government dahil malapit ito sa bituka. If you really want to leave an impact on the lives of people, the LGU is where you need to go.”
The local government units (LGUs) are very crucial to the day-to-day living of Filipinos since they are closest to their constituents. This is why we need to understand and appreciate the importance not just of the public servants under the LGU, but also of our own duties and responsibilities as members of the community.
Civics should have a sense of expanding our concept of “tayo” or “us.” And local government is where we learn the basics of governance and this level of active citizenship.
“Maging aktibo ka kung saan ka nakatira dahil parte ito ng pagsama sa Proyekto Pilipino.”
Malapit sa bituka: LGU | Episode 29 | Proyekto Pilipino
Malapit sa bituka: LGU | Episode 29 | Proyekto Pilipino
We have 42,046 barangays in the Philippines; these small units of government are the closest to the community, and are the first to respond to the community’s needs.
In his 35 years of service as a barangay official, former Holy Spirit Barangay Captain Felicito Valmocina has understood the two most important things in barangay leadership: political will and integrity. Now that he is named the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) undersecretary, he hopes to inspire more barangay leaders to rise up to the task of nation-building.
In this episode of Proyekto Pilipino, Fr. Tito Caluag and his trio of distinguished thinkers—Manolo Quezon, Leloy Claudio, and Carlo Santiago—talk to Usec. Valmocina about the workings of the barangay, the importance of monitoring after implementation, and his new role with DILG.
Malapit sa bituka (Part 2) | Episode 30 | Proyekto Pilipino
Malapit sa bituka (Part 2) | Episode 30 | Proyekto Pilipino
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Manuel L. Quezon III
Manuel L. Quezon III @mlq3

I'm a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer; an Editor at large at; I write on history, politics and culture; and I write speeches and have worked in political communications; and I used to broadcast (which is where The Explainer comes from); I also set up and maintain the Philippine Diary Project; this is a newsletter to keep readers abreast of what I've written, am writing, and think about what's going on as well as a way to expand topics and conversations on all sorts of issues. Ideally, this will come thrice weekly:
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