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Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter - Issue #45: Our hamster-wheel Republic

Manuel L. Quezon III
Manuel L. Quezon III
After five columns on the Marcos candidacy (The Marcos Maneuver, June 23, 2021; Winter is Coming, September 15, 2021; Peak Marcos? September 29, 2021; A Soft-Boiled Start to 2022, October 10, 2021; and Marcos Jr. biding his time, October 20, 2021), an effort to contextualize such candidacies in terms of broader trends over the past thirty years. That’s the purpose of my column today.

This week's Long View
Why the many matter less than the few | Inquirer Opinion
The persistent myth of Marcosian "vision"
Yellow is trying to condense Marcos down to just the martial law years. But no denying he's got vision. Just look at the med facilities: lung, heart, RITM, and the expansion of PGH. Those who toppled him enjoyed power for three decades and haven't produced anything comparable.
In reaction to the above: The autobahn argument. But the vision thing itself was freely borrowed and often debased from his predecessors. See 48:00 onwards in this talk (below) in which I reacted to a presentation on FM and his “Science policy.”
Marcos the Scientist: Science in the New Society
Marcos the Scientist: Science in the New Society
Incidentally the autobahn argument’s a myth, too. Up to now too few see how a veneer of modernity was lacquered over a profoundly antimodern regime, which dismantled the things that got in the way. That a mishmash of ultimately larcenous projects displaced projects and plans discarded because predating the conjugal dictatorship.
The 1973 Constitution was a pale imitation of the 1943 Constitution just as Batasan Pambansa was the Occupation National Assembly as KBL was Kalibapi; that a theoretical attempt at Federalism expired on the need to gerrymander to coddle warlords (look and ask why Regions were established, and representation shifted to being regional, then abandoned); that even in culture the Cultural Center was ultimately a disguise to landgrabbing of the get rich quick scheme of Harry Stonehill at the cost of the thought-out development plans for the Rizal Centennial Compex in Rizal Park; how QC was killed off and replaced with an ultimately unfocused Pasay/ everywhere scheme.
Issues for voters, and the leaders looked for
Interesting excerpts: what the electorate considers important issues in 2022, the characteristics they seek in elected leaders, and the public standing of the administration (different from the president’s standing) sinking over time.
The ebb of Dutertismo – Stratbase ADR Institute
Electoral Merry-Go-Round: Tulfo's jab
His recent column, to my mind, suggests November 15 is fast approaching with things still up in the air, as far as the logical administration goal being a slate that consists not just of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. but another person representing the Duterte coalition of 2016-2022. The Tulfo column by this measure aims to provoke in aid of such a unification. The provocative part is suggesting that the Cusi-Romualdez combine (which is code for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) is against a Daughterte candidacy. Yet the two women –Daughterte and GMA– cooperated effectively enough, in making GMA Speaker without regard to the President’s wishes.
Plan C |
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Manuel L. Quezon III
Manuel L. Quezon III @mlq3

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