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Manolo Quezon is #TheExplainer Newsletter - Issue #10 (How Do You Solve a Problem Like BBM?)

Manuel L. Quezon III
Manuel L. Quezon III
My column today take a cue from Monday’s Electoral Merry-Go-Round Newsletter. Check it out if you haven’t already, because it provides much of the context for my column today.

This week's The Long View
The Marcos maneuver | Inquirer Opinion
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I. Here is the (rather confusingly written) MindaNews article.
Sara: ‘No Duterte-Duterte tandem’ in 2022 national polls | MindaNews
II. On the same day, this featurette came out. It raises an important consideration, although I’m not entirely convinced. But the question will have to be confronted by all players, and will probably be measured by means of commissioned survey questions (to arrive at some sort of rule of thumb: say 10% of your voting base will vote for whomever you decide to endorse, for example).
III. Who wields the greatest clout in determining Ferdinand Jr.‘s moves? In the past the consensus was, Dear Old Ma. But she is increasingly frail and may not be, as they say, as politically sharp as she used to be. It may be that 2016 was her Last Hurrah. The Era of the Marcos Restoration is bookended, in my opinion, by two documentaries.
Thoughts on The Kingmaker, a Documentary About Imelda Marcos
IV. It’s entirely possible the Marcoses are trying to convince the other coalitionists that Sara would do better running for veep. One argument they could make is to wonder whether it’s really wise to have the President run for vice-president or have Sara give up management of their home turf. After all, at the height of his power, neither father nor daughter could prevent Pantaleon Alvarez’s intrusion into their home turf – Alvarez’s candidates in fact beat Duterte’s. Put another way: there might be a less risky way to secure the future, without putting to the test whether or not the President really has the power of endorsement. Because if it’s proven he doesn’t, it’s far more damaging to their long term interests than a maneuver to maintain the impression of being able to sway voters.
There is also the question of how safe a bailiwick is Davao City? The former Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, who got to big for his britches so that he was ousted, was effective enough to actually put together a winning coalition in the 2019 midterms. He is apparently enough of a continuing threat for the State Media to be gleefully reporting on his (supposed) unraveling. Incidentally, never in the past has state media taken to reporting the political ins and outs of a president’s home turf. See these two articles:
January 12:
Alvarez' allies absent in birthday bash | Philippine News Agency
January 14:
A great divide in Davao del Norte | Philippine News Agency
The Real McCoy Department
Fascinating new article by historian Al McCoy. Remember when the Suez Canal got plugged up? This article came out around then and reminds us of Britain’s end as an imperial power was marked by the Suez Crisis in 1956; in this article he traces how USA, out of imperial hubris, facilitated China’s rise to challenge and displace it, now ongoing.
Washington's Delusion of Endless World Dominion -
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Manuel L. Quezon III
Manuel L. Quezon III @mlq3

I'm a columnist for the Philippine Daily Inquirer; an Editor at large at; I write on history, politics and culture; and I write speeches and have worked in political communications; and I used to broadcast (which is where The Explainer comes from); I also set up and maintain the Philippine Diary Project; this is a newsletter to keep readers abreast of what I've written, am writing, and think about what's going on as well as a way to expand topics and conversations on all sorts of issues. Ideally, this will come thrice weekly:
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