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ML Jobs Newsletter - Issue #14
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Confused about the difference between ‘Data Scientist’ and ‘Senior Data Scientist’? We were wondering too, so we asked on Twitter and got this great response from Angela Bassa, Director of Data Science at iRobot (yes, there is a chart!).
Make sure you also take a look at this career matrix for software engineers since many similar concepts apply.
Edouard Harris of SharpestMinds posted this great resource on The Cold Start Problem: How to build your Machine Learning Portfolio’. Find out more about how SharpestMinds helps aspiring data scientists in the Featured ML Job section below.

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Project Visualizations in - compare model iterations
Project Visualizations in - compare model iterations
Comet is doing for ML what GitHub did for code. We allow data science teams to automagically track their datasets, code changes, experimentation history and production models creating efficiency, transparency, and reproducibility.
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Featured ML Job:
Candidate - Sharpest Minds
What’s hot about this job?
A graduate of the YC W18 cohort, SharpestMinds lets you get mentored by a professional data scientist for free up front. In exchange for mentorship, you pay a small percentage of your first year salary that you only pay if you get hired.
SharpestMinds mentors are employees and alums at world leading AI teams including Apple, Uber, Tesla, Spotify and Amazon.
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