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Matt Kurleto - Issue #3: What I learned transforming an solo entrepreneurship to an enterprise


Matt Kurleto

August 3 · Issue #3 · View online
I'm sharing my lessons learned, updates from projects I'm involved in and insights on a global startup ecosystem. I'm a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Neoteric, one of the fastest-growing software companies in the CEE region. My current focus is Startup Hansa, the idea of integrating major business and technology hubs into a sustainable startup ecosystem. I'm always happy to hear from you!

9 months later I am back. It’s been a time of hard work and hard decisions but also a lot of lessons learned and achievements. We are now halfway through the year that we committed to slow things down and clean the mess we created by growing so fast.

What I learned transforming an solo entrepreneurship to an enterprise
Last year we hit a glass ceiling. Growing from about 4 people to over 30 in 3 years turned out to leave a lot of unattended issues. Learning that all of those aspects need to improve before we can scale further was not an easy lesson.
6 months forward there’s over 40 of us in a brand new office working for customers from Singapore to Los Angeles. Our current challenge is building our organizational culture and preparing for growth so we’d love to know your thoughts on how to improve on that.
If you look for a quick winner from this newsletter take 10 minutes to play with this interactive explainer of how organizational culture evolves in a team and how to build trust. It’s the best thing I’ve seen regarding culture and team-building.
Matt Kurleto on LinkedIn: "At Neoteric we are currently…
Lessons learned
Back-office matters a lot
I hate paperwork with all my heart. It’s not a good attribute for an entrepreneur. When we looked at our documentation we had to clear things out before we could serve more employees.
One of the most influential initiatives was the regular productivity workshop our COO, Mateusz Paprocki had with our office management team.
We spend less time on each task thanks to implementing simple, actionable procedures with as little bureaucracy as possible.
Our team want to learn
I have just had my first (anonymous :) ) survey for our team at Neoteric. I have asked if people were interested in having after-work personal development day when we can share how to grow our skills.
I am very happy that Mick Griffin the CRO of Brand24 will join us with his team and share how to leverage social media in building the personal brand as an expert.
I will present how to get to the Minimum Viable Product when building an app. Since our team is so welcoming we will be inviting guests so stay tuned for a meetup at our new office.
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