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Troubleshooting interviews + 10% off the masterclass!

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
10% the first-ever Deploy Empathy day-long masterclass
I am SO excited to be giving the first in-person Deploy Empathy customer interviewing masterclass in Aarhus, Denmark in a few weeks at GOTO Aarhus!
GOTO has agreed to a discount for Deploy Empathy readers. Just use the code MICHELE10 at checkout. The code will work for both masterclass and conference tickets.
A conference ticket is not required for the masterclass, so you could, for example, just come for the masterclass if you don’t have time to go to the conference as well.
The workshop will be in English, but I have to include a recent tweet from Nicklas Kevin Frank recommending the workshop to a friend in Danish!
(Translation: “See this here, given that you teach multimedia design, I think this is just the thing for you. If not the masterclass, then the book is at least a must read. Deploy Empathy. I have it if you need a peak before you buy!”)
Nicklas Kevin Frank
@mjwhansen @DeployEmpathy @JoachimBlicher Se det her, med det du underviser i på multimediedesigneren tror jeg det er lige dig. Hvis ikke kursus, så er bogen ihvertfald et must read. Deploy Empathy. Jeg har den hvis du skal have et peak inden du køber!
Catch the replay of Troubleshooting Interviews!
Last week, I chatted with the Product Makers community about all of the things that can go wrong with interviews, including finding people to talk to, knowing whether to give an incentive or not, dealing with awkward silences, and how to get a conversation back on track.
One thing I hope you’ll remember when something goes awry in your interviews is that it’s okay. It happens to everyone, even seasoned pros!
You can read the recap and watch the video from the event below.
Recap: Troubleshooting user interviews: from no-shows to awkward silences | Community
Join me in tearing apart the truly terrible Henry Ford quote in Hamburg!
One last event announcement for today (it’s a busy couple of weeks!). I’m excited to have some fun at Mind the Product: Hamburg on June 17.
If your skin crawls when you hear this retort to talking to customers, then my talk is for you:
“Well if Henry Ford asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
I’m almost done with my slides and am having an absolute ball tearing this quote (which he didn’t even say!) to shreds. SHREDS. It’ll be fun.
If you’ll be there, or live in Hamburg, let me know! Would love to chat.
MTPEngage Hamburg Schedule - Mind the Product
Recent 💚 for 🐤
It makes my day to see a new review or tweet from someone after they’ve read Deploy Empathy. I love hearing how it’s helped you!
Anna Grigoryan 🇱🇹
As a founder of B2C startup, I can't tell how much book @DeployEmpathy helped me.

We spent 2 months doing deep customer research before coming out with a product.

Insights from this are crazy!
And thanks to Michael for writing the first review on Audible!
And thank you to fellow JTBD author Scott Burleson for writing a review! Scott is the author of The Statue in the Stone: Decoding Customer Motivation with the 48 Laws of Jobs-to-be-Done Philosophy.
BOOK REVIEW: Deploy Empathy by Michele Hansen
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