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The Deploy Empathy Rough Draft & Writing Process

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
Thank you to everyone who helped make Deploy Empathy #1 on Product Hunt last week, and welcome to those of you who came to this newsletter because of it!

A bunch of people have asked me over the last few days whether I would write about the writing-in-public process. I figured I should do that while it’s still fresh. I wrote it up this morning and posted it on IndieHackers. (If you were along for the ride and feel like I forgot something, let me know! I think I can still edit it.)
The Writing-in-Public Story of Deploy Empathy
The Rough Draft: Organized
With so many new subscribers, I feel like now is a good time to send out something I’ve been wanting to send out for a while: an organized version of the rough draft for easy reference.
I intend to keep this newsletter going for ongoing writing on customer interviews and the newsletter archive available. I understand that not everyone is in the position to pay for the book, whether because of their personal situation or unfavorable exchange and import rates, so it’s important to me that there’s always a free version available.
I estimate that about 60% of the book was published through this newsletter and is available below. Many of these posts did change quite a bit for the book version, though the essence is still the same. (If you’d like easily-copyable scripts and phrase guides, grab the the PDF + Templates bundle, which includes Google Drive and Notion templates for all of the scripts, How to Talk So People Will Talk phrases, and recruitment templates.)
New to Interviewing Customers? Start Here!
How to Talk So People Will Talk
Recruiting Participants
Interview essentials
Customer support as customer research
Pulling it all together: Sample Interview
Virtual book tour!
I’m doing a virtual book tour to talk about the book. I’ve recorded three so far and be on another tonight. I have a few more in the hopper, too.
The first one came out last week:
EP25: Deploy Empathy with Michele Hansen from Geocodio - Searching For SaaS Podcast
My Software Social co-host Colleen has challenged me to be on 20 podcasts over the next few months. If you have a show and would like to have me on, let me know! You can just reply to this email to reach me (for that, or anything else really).
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Deploy Empathy
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