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Print book now available + audiobook private podcast pre-sale!

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
A few readers of this newsletter told me that they didn’t realize the print version of Deploy Empathy was now available, and perhaps I should be a bit louder about that, so let me do that now.

Buy the print version of Deploy Empathy!
The print book is available from Amazon. Follow the link for your (or nearest) country:
The Kindle edition is available in more countries, including India. If your country is not listed above, note that I do not have control over the price and it may be quite high due to customs and shipping fees imposed by Amazon.
Audiobook pre-sale!
I will be releasing the audiobook as a 2x weekly private podcast. Every week, you’ll hear two chapters of the book, and you’ll get the final file when it’s completed.
(That will likely happen before the podcast itself completes, as there are 59 chapters so the podcast will run for ~30 weeks.)
The idea is that the private podcast will be the audio analogue to this newsletter. I’m hoping that you all will give me feedback as the chapters come out and let me know what you like or what sounds off and might need to be re-recorded. This is my first time recording an audiobook and I imagine that will happen, and hope I can have a group of listeners to guide me!
I released a very short welcome episode yesterday and plan to start releasing chapters next week.
Note: If you bought the general pre-order, you should have received an email yesterday with the link to the podcast.
Deploy Empathy (Audiobook)
More praise for Deploy Empathy
Thank you to everyone who has submitted Amazon reviews so far! They are tremendously helpful—keep them coming! I also absolutely love seeing your pictures of the book arriving. Here are a few from this week.
I also updated the cover this week to add a new review from Patrick McKenzie:
Deploy Empathy is a rare treat: a deep dive, by an expert practitioner, into customer interviews. In addition to strategic exhortations to keep the interview focused on the customer, the tactical advice about phrasing to draw out their opinions and emotions without biasing them is top notch. I’d heartily recommend it to anyone who builds or sells.
Deploy Empathy is, far and away, the best book I’ve ever read on user interviews, filled with tactical insights that were new even having done hundreds of them.” - Patrick McKenzie (aka patio11), Founder, Kalzumeus Software
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Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy @mjwhansen

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