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Listen to an Example Customer Interview

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
This was written as part of the rough draft for Deploy Empathy, a practical guide for talking to customers. Like it? Pre-order the book here.
Reading about interviews is only helpful to a point, and to really grok it, you need to be in the room to observe one.
I’m excited to be able to let you do that today!
I was able to do a recorded interview with one of Colleen Schnettler‘s customers for her new SaaS, Simple File Upload. She happened to have a customer who was game to do the interview as an episode for our podcast, and I am so thrilled that we were able to make this happen.
Being a silent observer in an interview is so helpful for learning how they are done and how they differ from a normal conversation. I had the good fortune of being able to learn under two expert user experience researchers, Dr. Helen Fake and Betsy Bland, for several dozen interviews before diving in myself. I can’t get you in the room with the two of them, but I can let you listen in on this one, and I hope it’s enough for you to get started.
While listening, I ask you to notice the questions I ask, how I ask them, and how your own instinctual responses might differ. This will help you check your own impulses for defense, explanation, or relating in your own interviews. (Colleen and I get more into this in Part 2 of this episode, where we debrief the interview. That episode will air next week.)
You can listen to the interview here. (There’s a transcript, but I encourage you to listen if possible to hear the intentional pauses and tone of voice.)
This interview follows the Switch script template.
I’m excited to hear what you think after listening to the interview. I loved all of the emails I got after last week’s ask for replies. Please feel free to be open with your thoughts and keep them coming!

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