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Kindle/ebook buyers in the US and EU: want a free print copy?

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
This email only applies to people in the US and EU who bought the Kindle or ebook versions. I have no way of knowing who that is, so my apologies if this doesn’t apply to you. Please accept my apologies and ignore if so.

Buy an electronic version? Want a free print copy?
I have 17 early printings of the book sitting in a cabinet in my living room. They’ve been sitting there since early August, not doing much of anything.
Books. In a cabinet.
Books. In a cabinet.
Because they’re early versions, they have a few typos and formatting issues here and there, before kind readers like yourself pointed them out and I fixed them. (I am 99.9999% certain copies being sold now are typo-free.)
Because of the occasional typos, I don’t feel comfortable selling them.
I know some people like to have an electronic version and a print version, so I have a wild idea:
If you bought the Kindle or an electronic version, and post a review online, I’ll mail you one of them for free.
Reviews are the number one way people decide whether to buy a book, so I feel like this is well worth me eating the $5 printing cost and $5-10 in shipping per book.
Here’s the process:
Step 1. Post a review
If you bought a Kindle version, post a review on Amazon. Amazon prioritizes reviews from verified purchasers.
If you bought it via Flurly/Learnetto, post a review on Goodreads.
Step 2. Email me a screenshot/link to your review with your address.
Amazon sometimes takes 2-3 days to approve a review. Goodreads is much faster.
Just take a screenshot or copy a direct link to the review and email me ( with your name and address.
Because of customs fees and shipping costs, I’m limiting this to the US and EU. Sorry.
**IMPORTANT: Deadline is Dec 20**
I’ll be in the US over the holidays and will mail any US books then. So I need some time to pack everything up and get them sent.
There are 17 copies up for grabs… what are you waiting for?
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