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Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
Last week, I emailed you with something that seemed absurd:
Trying to set up calls with 50 people from this newsletter.
I intentionally picked a high number because I wanted people to realize that they would need to raise their hands if we were going to get to that number.
This week alone, I talked to 18 people from around the world, from India to Australia to Norway to Russia to the US to Romania and more. Next week, there are calls on my calendar with people in Japan, Singapore, and a host of other countries.
You pointed out things you loved, things that didn’t make sense, things that you wanted me to expand on. Like any good set of interviews, I’ve learned a ton of things I’d never even thought about that people want, from bundle offers for consultants to cheat-sheets and Notion templates.
I am genuinely so excited by all of the feedback and perspectives I’ve gotten so far. I have a notebook full of notes and a folder full of recordings.
And that’s on top of all of the feedback you’ve been giving me through the in-progress version of the book. Dozens of you have jumped in to provide structural feedback, places where I need more detail, and ways to make the content more actionable.
My inbox is full of your ideas, and it genuinely warms my heart to see so many people eager to help this book.

Now I'm going to do another absurd thing.
If all of this feedback has been so helpful so far, the only logical next step is more cowbell.
More feedback, I mean.
So I’m going to trust you with the live-in-progress link to the book.
I expect you to keep this link to yourself.
(link removed for the online version – DM me on Twitter if you want access)
The draft is currently on its fifth iteration in a week, and is still rough. I’m actively moving chapters around, adding and removing content, and haven’t even added graphics or tables yet.
Note: if you’d rather read it when it’s in a more finished state, that’s totally fine. Several of you have told me you’d rather wait until it’s in beta stage.
If you’d rather wait to read a more polished draft, that’s totally fine, and you can ignore this email.
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Deploy Empathy
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