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Deploy Empathy is the #1 New Release in R&D!

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
Sorry to email you twice in as many days, but I have some exciting news!
Deploy Empathy is the #1 New Release in Business R&D!

Click here to see it for yourself—I still can’t believe it myself!
Kindle edition now available!
In other Amazon-related news, the Kindle edition is now available. Thank you for your patience, Kindle readers! (An ePub version for other ereaders is available here.)
Ask: Can you write a review?
I am still staring, mouth agape, at the Amazon listing with the #1 New Release flag.
This newsletter never would have become a book without all of your support, and the book certainly never would have gotten that #1 New Release tag without your support either.
It feels absolutely surreal to see that, and will help so many people find the book.
But I realized there’s a hiccup… the book doesn’t have any reviews!
That may turn off people who haven’t been following along and contributing to this journey like you have.
So I have an ask:
Would you consider writing a review?
It doesn’t matter whether you read the rough drafts, bough the PDF, or bought a paperback version.
Some things you might consider writing about, even if it’s just a sentence:
  • How has this book/newsletter helped you?
  • What has it made you realize or think about more deeply?
  • How is it different than other books you’ve come across on understanding customers and building/selling products?
Review Deploy Empathy
And please keep tweeting out your physical copies as they arrive! It is absolutely surreal to see them.
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Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy @mjwhansen

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