Celebratory sale + How to Talk So People Will Talk Q&A TOMORROW!





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Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
It’s exciting times in Deploy Empathy land. The book has crossed 1,500 copies sold, lots of talks scheduled…and a sale!

Celebratory sale! 🎉
To celebrate finally (finally!) launching all of the versions of Deploy Empathy and being completely done with the publishing process (woohoo!), I’m running a sale on Amazon:
  • $0.99 Kindle (save $9!)
  • $12.99 audiobook (free with Audible)
  • $19 paperback (save $10!)
  • $29 hardcover (save $8!)
I’m closing the sale tomorrow, so now’s the time to buy your team a set of copies!
Buy Deploy Empathy on Amazon
(Notes: Deploy Empathy is available wherever you buy books or audiobooks, but it’s a lot more cumbersome and expensive for me to adjust their prices. Also, I only have control over Amazon’s prices in a handful of markets, so if the price you see is closer to the normal price, please understand that I intended to run a sale, and Amazon may have taken that as a suggestion rather than request in your market.)
📹 How to Talk So People Will Talk online talk on 4/19
I’m going to be giving a talk on How to Talk So People Will Talk plus ample Q&A with Userlist tomorrow, 4/19.
Location: Online!
Cost: Free!
Time: It’s at 3pm GMT, which translates to…
8am Pacific
2pm Eastern
4pm UK
5pm Central Europe
7pm Dubai
(Sorry, Asia-Pacific)
Mastering Customer Interviews with Michele Hansen | Userlist
Recent ❤️ and media
I was recently on UI Breakfast podcast and Bootstrapping SaaS, and Kjell Vandeyvere mentioned the episode we recorded last fall as well. (As a reminder, you can find all of the Deploy Empathy podcast book tour episodes on this playlist.)
Some love for the Bootstrapping SaaS episode:
Justin Jackson
“Instead of asking ‘who is my customer?’ I tend to think about ‘what are they trying to do?’”
– @mjwhansen

💯 this.

Often, the characteristics of a customer don’t matter.

What matters is “what are a bunch of people searching for?”
Also, some love for Deploy Empathy from Brazil… it’s still surreal for me to see it mentioned among the likes of canonical product and JTBD books!
If you write or share something about Deploy Empathy, please let me know!
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Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy @mjwhansen

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