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Book update: pre-order the ebook!

Deploy Empathy
Deploy Empathy
This newsletter has served as the proving ground for the rough draft of my book on interviewing customers.
When I interviewed over 30 readers last month, many of you told me that you had a pile of these newsletters sitting in your inbox or found yourself searching your email for specific scripts and wanted me to just turn it into a gosh darn book already.
Well, that day just got a lot closer!
When you pre-order, you’ll get the current working draft, and you’ll also get the completed version of the ebook when it’s released on June 23.

New here?
A bunch of you have joined since the first issue, where I talked about why I was doing this and how it may become a book.
I find writing emails much easier than staring at a blank page with a blinking cursor, so I wrote the book as a newsletter to start.
The majority of the book was sent out via the newsletter, though in a somewhat haphazard fashion. The draft has been significantly cleaned up and organized since, but the core of the content and concepts is the same.
You can read the full archive below, including the five scripts and the sample interview (consistently peoples’ favorite items across the interviews I conducted).
I’m planning to keep these drafts around even after the full book is released. It’s important to me that people know what they’re buying before they buy, and also that this information be available for free for those who may not have the resources to buy it.
I will also continue writing this newsletter, as inevitably more topics will come up in my conversations with founders, makers, product/marketing leaders, and other folks that will be worth expounding upon here. It may be a bit quiet as the launch approaches.
Print book and audio book
I’m also planning to release a print book (Amazon print-on-demand) and an audio book, which I’ll narrate myself. (The podcaster and former radio DJ in me is extremely excited about that.)
I don’t have pre-orders available for either yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. Some people much prefer audio and some people much prefer print (I’m in that group!) and it’s important to me to make other formats available. So it will happen eventually!
If you want to help make the audio or print versions happen, please reply with why you want a print or audio book. It’ll motivate me to get them out the door to hear from specific people about why you want it in that format and how it would fit into your life.
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