The social media "issue"

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The social media "issue"
By Michael Mizrahi • Issue #9 • View online
The longer I wait to send out a new issue, the higher the pressure is to make it great. So, after 8 months of waiting, we’re back! We’re talking about social media this time, and the links dive deep into the increasingly negative role that advertising apps play in our daily lives. 
Bottom line: deleting these apps from your phone is some sort of social badge (not sure what kind), and since doing it I feel freed from pulling out my phone in a very empowering way. Not sure I’m ready to say that I feel more present than ever, because it still feels like I’m missing out – but I’m getting closer to not having to think about it during each elevator ride, every moment when the person you’re at dinner with leaves the table, or when you find yourself avoiding an otherwise innocuously awkward moment.
Curious to hear your thoughts after you read the pieces below.
My friend Drew Austin recently wrote about the Privilege of Logging Off in his newsletter Kneeling Bus (which you should sign up for).
[Music recommendation] This was compiled while listening to Alohaha Sides A & B (listen on Apple Music or Spotify. RIP Rdio).

Addicted to Your iPhone? You’re Not Alone
How Instagram Makes You Basic, Boring, and Completely Deranged
Cal Newport on taking your life back from technology
How I Got My Attention Back
Active Listening
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Michael Mizrahi
By Michael Mizrahi

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