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Let's get this going

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Let's get this going
By Michael Mizrahi • Issue #1 • View online

Let's try this again...
Hey guys - for some reason The Weekly didn’t send these last two weeks, so I’m giving Revue a try instead. Different approach, same idea. 
For now this is a just a collection of links, but you should expect a little more organization and effort in the future issues.
Top picks
Three Years in San Francisco
You Cannot Regulate Guns Unless You Know How to Use One
Headcam From South Bay Polo 7-23-16
Cache Labs | Nelson Cash Blog
The Typography of ‘Stranger Things’
Black Mirror season 3 premieres on Netflix in October.
67 Years of Lego Sets
This plane could cross the Atlantic in 3.5 hours. Why did it fail?
PlateJoy: Personalized, On-Demand Meal Plans
Tigerlily in Berkeley
Current homescreen
Just in case you care
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