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Trade Archives - Weekly News updates

The Weekly News updates by Trade archives. Here I have brought up a letter including the upcoming financial news in simple words. maybe you could find something useful here. 
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Let's cut through the chase
In recent days you must have heard the news about bitcoin’s sudden flare to the upside. Honestly, I do not know if Elon’s tweet had played enough role in this or not. If you can check the charts of the #BTCUSD you could clearly see that it is a wedge pattern - which is a reversal pattern itself. proving that the rise of bitcoin was going to happen anyway.
But then why did many Technical analysts didn’t see it coming?
There is a reason for that if you look at the monthly chart you can see that
  • Head and shoulders pattern - proving to be a Bearish outcome
  • If their technical knowledge is low about How to draw trendlines, especially those who are new to this market and with the attitude of knowing everything - This is high.
  • Finding a Descending Triangle pattern - a bearish outcome
  • Descending triangle with a Head and shoulders pattern overall very bearish sign.
Lack of knowledge in trading can you high.
The Cryptocurrency Gold Rush Has Ground to a Halt. Here’s Why. | by Tim Denning | Jul, 2021 | DataDrivenInvestor
This is an article I found over the internet. I have tweeted the link and also shared it above, so you can read it too.
It gives an open view of Bitcoin, Gold, and various other assets. These include information about Decentralisation or what it means to you, A glimpse into the future.
It is always better to be prepared than to be a victim
Speaking of Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been a highly driven asset by the people with the sole purpose of knowing that they won’t be tracked by the government while using the Bitcoin transaction. Doesn’t this mean people have noticed very much that they have been controlled and they had enough,. They are looking for other means to avoid this very situation.
In short, Bitcoin is a double edge sword.
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
.@SenToomey, United States Senator, "Governments can't print trillions of it [...] We've seen in Venezuela how people can use #bitcoin to store value when their government devalues their currency"
Moving towards the Technicals
Silver Technical Analysis
Here we can see the correlation between Silver and the US dollar.
  • Silver prices have been consolidating in the monthly chart,
  • Prices forming an ascending triangle.
  • In recent days, prices fell dramatically.
  • Strong support will be at @22.500
  • After which the rally continues, if this price falling proves to be a fakeout . (That only time will tell)
  • When the time is right - Buyers will enter the market.
Stefano Bottaioli
$SILVER $USD at the moment this is my long term view for USD & SILVER ...
Cryptocurrency a threat to the US dollar?
Is Cryptocurrency becoming a threat to the US dollar? Do prices rising in bitcoin affect the value of the US fiat currency?
Kitco NEWS
The biggest threat to the #dollar's supremacy as the global reserve currency is not the #yuan or any other sovereign currency, it's #Bitcoin and #cryptocurrencies says @StephenMoore

Full interview:

@MichelleMakori @TheFreedomFest
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If there is anyway you doubt what they say in the markets would happen then there is a short video I have shared below and then after watching that you will know - that anything could happen in ten to twenty years of time . Enjoy this clip.
Harsh Goenka
Jeff Bezos interview in 2000.
Everyone laughed at that time when he said he wanted to explore space… #vision #intent
This information is collected , handpicked and shared with you in a way that every normal person could understand the technical flow of the market and the economy ,that they believed they need a certificate to understand in the first place. This is to provide necessary information to the right people in the simplest form.
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