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Just by looking at the commodities market anyone could see the big giant red candles, Crash of the Gold and silver market prices. But is it really what it seems or is it just a play by the Big market players?.
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Gold Price moves
Along with other Precious metals, Gold prices have moved Significantly, causing the prices to move even lower than expected.
When we look at the bitcoin chart we can see the massive difference between these two assets.
When further looking into these asset classes we can see that for a fact or at least for the current period of time, Bitcoin is inversely correlated with gold.
With the recent chart analysis, we can come to the conclusion that when gold price rises, bitcoin prices fall, but when gold prices fall down we can see that bitcoin making new Higher Highs. I don’t think this is going to make any point during this newsletter, this Newsletter is focused on Gold and other precious metals.
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Current phase of Gold price
By focusing on the price itself we can see that prices of gold have fallen drastically. As mentioned in the previous newsletters, Gold is in a phase of Spring according to the price cycle,
This just means that many big players are interested in this market and are looking for a Buy position but they wanted to buy at a much lower price. for which they sell to take out all the necessary buy orders and create Fear in the market in such a way increasing selling pressure.
While this selling pressure ends we can find that there could be a ranging market, for example, we are witnessing the same in the gold chart. After a very long dip in the Gold prices in the previous week, People have dragged the prices to the oversold area or perhaps too much,
Accumulation period and what does it mean?
So what does the accumulation period means in trading, How can we actually benefit from this period?
If this period is confirmed, Like in this case, it is much likely to wait until the range is complete, In this process of a Ranging market we can witness many temptations to enter early, as such trades will only end up affecting your p&l of your account. It is advisable to wait because this is the time when the big players are willing / entering the market,
During this period we can find many false breakouts, this is to lure out many retail or other traders out of the market. This also allows the Big players such as many institutional investors/traders or Banks to create a position in the market at a much lower price.
isn’t what everyone needs eventually,
This is the same as buying a product from a store when there is a Discount offer going on, in this case maybe 50% to 70%off, based upon the valuation of Gold in the current phase of the commodities price cycle.
So, when to open position as traders / investors?
There are many types of traders we need to consider this always while we are in the markets ourselves before opening a position/s.
  • there are people who trade Trending markets
  • Trading Trend pullback
  • Trading breakouts in a Range
  • Trading Range pullback
  • Trading patterns
  • Trading by volume
  • Random trades - (usually beginner traders)
  • Big players - Banks and other institutional traders
  • And there is you and your strategy
This is the very reason why we need to trade smart instead of going against the wave.
In war, it is necessary to understand which side you are on, you cannot be on both sides, you cannot stay confused at war zone not knowing whom to attack. know whom you are fighting for and with whom you are fighting. this is very important.
in trading it is also necessary to know with whom you are trading with the small guys or the big players, what do I mean by that,
Consider the market as the sea and the candlestick chart as the pictorial representation of the waves that happen on the sea causing the movement or the flow of water.
Now in that sea, you are in a boat and your goal is to get to an island where there is food. Just imagine, I am making it as creative as possible. You can see that island, but how would you get there fast? of course, rowing your boat is an option but then if you row your boat against the current would that be easy?
Similarly in the markets to reach your target it is necessary to trade with the people who make the big waves just be on their side when they sell you sell when they buy you buy. this helps you to increase your probability to win the trade at a much higher pace.
When is the best time to buy?
Any person who trades short-term needs to have an edge, without it it is just gambling.
when it comes to me I have personally noticed that at every range there is a breakout and after every breakout, there is a pullback mostly 95% if the time it is true and after this pull back the prices surge or purge without turning back based upon the price cycle it is respectively.
My edge is that whenever there is a pullback after the breakout, wait for the next candle to close outside the range and if you have an increasing vol to back it up then you are good to go. Any position open in that candle will lead you to a winning trade.
Before trying this in a funded account, test this strategy in a demo account do multiple trades learn to pick your entry successfully, find your edge. Do this for at least three months, before shifting back to the funded account.
Remember confidence is important more than money, you can build confidence only by results in the demo account.
Preparation is the key. and with it Patience
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