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Good morning.
I have been trading for some years now, This is a newsletter sharing my thoughts and information I have noticed over these periods.
Beginning with commodities and spot metal, which I give priority towards recently is heading towards the commodities supercycle. So what does this information mean for us?
This is best for people like me who are trading or investing. There is no better buying opportunity than buying the dips, which is happening right now. This is a bullish rally that is going to last for at least 6months to a year at the minimum. But as always, prevention is better than cure. It is always good to check the counterpart which is the dollar.
“Knowing how the current flow of the tides, we can sail further faster,”
When someone receives a piece of information, it is always best to share it, so that in some or the other way you will always find someone not agreeing to your point and only with a further conversation with them you will find solid information you can rely on.
Trading News
Monday was the day of seeking support for the gold as it moved further downwards to get a stronghold in its support.
Support price, Range @1770. Resistance price range @1830 - @1840.
By Tuesday the price has reached the Support. it took a while to rebound from the support as it played to find a stronghold of the support before the rebound and rallied further to the upside.
As days past there has been a little pressure moving downwards throughout the days of Thursday and Friday. until its support at 1768.
On the first day of the week, Gold has moved up in price showing a green candle
with the minor resistance @1800 and after breaking the resistance, the target is @1855 for the month
Until next time
Hope you find something valuable through this newsletter, and thank you for sharing your valuable time with me, hope you have a wonderful day, until next week Bye.
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Mithun Suresh

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